At the end of our BoardNotesApril2004 conf call, we mentioned that there are a number of financial and non-financial things OSI might do and has at times been asked to do to support OS practice and development. Here is the beginnings of a little inventory of these, so that the Board can consider which of these might be appropriate and what conditions, criteria or qualifications might be associated with these things. These are so-called 'structural assets' -- things we can offer in support of individual and organizational efforts -- above and beyond simple 'member benefits' or 'practitioner aids.'

The following list is not an offer to provide these things, but working notes for the Board to determine how we wish to handle these sorts of real and potential requests.

As of April, 2004, the Board is working to develop policy and procedures for these and perhaps other forms of structural supports for individual and organizational development projects.

Once the list above is settled, we can post here what kind of recognition, payments, or other exchange we might expect in return for support offered. Some of these things have some historical precedents already established.