Session notes for SelfOrganizingWorld

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To learn about a tool which enables multiple people to collaborate on notes for a session, see EtherPad.

To post your notes, click on the ? next to your session name on this page. If the session isn't listed, add it to this page without any spaces and save this page. Then click on the ? which will take you to a blank page. In your notes, type people's names without spaces - e.g. CandiFoon - so that they will link to their page (or offer to create it if it doesn't exist yet). The overall schedule is in SessionFlow.

Each line should begin with an asterisk, and each session name with a slash, and they should not have any spaces in them, e.g.:

Friday, May 15

10:30am sessions:

1:30pm sessions:

3pm sessions:

Saturday, May 16

First sessions:

1:30pm sessions:

3pm sessions:

Sunday, May 17