I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone at Leadership in a Self-organizing World!

I have been working with Open Space since 1994. From the beginning, it was a lesson is what it means to be conscious of self-organizing systems. And it was home from the start. Since 1994, I have opened spaces for businesses, government, non-profits, and communities. In 1996, when Harrison was traveling across the country and suggested the idea of the Open Space Institute, I was in. It was my first experiment with what it means to be a conscious self-organizing system. We started the listserv (actually, this was a spontaneous act of generosity by Murli Nagasundaram), we created the first web site, and things have bubbled ever since.

One primary source of deep learning came through the inspiration of AnneStadler?, when Spirited Work was born. It was a deep and extended experience into leadership in a self-organizing world. With other Spirited Work colleagues, I have co-hosted a variety of gatherings, including:

With an amazing community of friends from around the world, a world view heavily influenced by essence of Open Space - to take responsibility for what I love as an act of service - I am having an all round good time. And I believe bringing a greater capacity for conscious self-organization more broadly into our collective story of what it means to be human.

Along the way, I have published a book that people tell me they find useful: [The Change Handbook, 2nd edition] (Berrett-Koehler, 2007).

My lessons from Open Space:

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