Welcome to the 14th Annual International Open Space on Open Space-Moskva 2006 Page!

This page is devoted to being a collector of resources, ideas, anything and everything that will facilitate making the self-organization of the 14th Annual Open Space on Open Space in Moscow, Russia as self-organizing and joyful as possible.

Please add, subtract, multiply, divide here as you see fit!

A number of initial thoughts:

1. Team make-up-- Interested in working on the self-organizing team? Just let us know, wherever you are.

2. Fundraising-- We would like to make this event as accessible (in all the senses of the word, perhaps) to participants. If you have any ideas about how to make that happen, that would be great. Maybe you have old (funded or unfunded) grant applications for OSonOS or other OST-related events that we could use to edit, adapt in seeking funding for this event. We are interested right now first of all in finding funding for underrepresented and passionate OST community members and those who might be potentially interested in OST.

In particular, right now this would mean community activists from around the former Soviet Union. This might include Central Asians, refugees, human rights activists, disability activists, those working in children's and women's issues, and many many more.

A related area is sponsorship. We are especially interested in drawing corporate interest, in particular Russia/NIS corporate sponsorship of this OSonOS. How might we make corporate support and sponsorship (and participation) both possible and self-organizing?

3. Ideas about project management- some OST facilitators have already volunteered some tools to make the project management take place as seamlessly as possible. More ideas welcome.

4. Holding space- it would be nice to hear who is setting the intention to hold space the organizing and happening of OSonOS-Moscow. E-mails sent to the addresses at the end of this page addressed to members of Intertraining would be welcome.

5. Stories- one of the things that really helped to make the decision to come to Russia is that many had had a very positive experience of being in Russia. We would like to invite you to post those stories to the OST-listserv. Let's hear the stories-- good and not-so-good-- about Russia. So, we get a picture and can make an informed choice about OSonOS14?.

6. Russia, NIS contacts- OST facilitators and other transformation of consciousness industry professionals and hobbyists stepped forward at the end of OSonOS13? and began volunteering their Russian contacts. Please, do put us in touch with those who you know in Russia. It's a big country! Many of us don't know each other!

7. Electronic discussion list-- an electronic discussion list has been created to facilitate the self-organizing of OSonOS-Moskva. To sign up you will need to register at Google.

The list's address is http://groups.google.ca/group/osonos2006. Once signed up, you can send mail to the group at osonos2006@googlegroups.com

If you need any help in signing up, please contact the team.

8. Translation-- this OSonOS may likely be the first fully bilingual OSonOS event. Your thoughts, experiences, ideas, models about making this happen easily and seamlessly would be welcome.

9. Coaching-- ongoing coaching of the self-organizing team is one of the meta-infrastructure elements that is key perhaps to making this another miraculous OSonOS. Your volunteering yourself as a mentor/coach would be welcome, whether electronically or by phone or ...

10. Initial planning meetings- tentatively the first two meetings are scheduled for October. One will likely be an attempt at skype (computer-based phone conferencing) in Open Space. The second will be a 2 1/2 day OST meeting on organizing the OSonOS, to take place in Moscow.

We would be interested in ideas about how to publicize widely the October OSonOSonOS? (and generate interest in participation in the OSonOS) to generate interest in the OSonOS itself, ideally so that in the OSonOSonOS? marketing material would be written about the power of OST.

In gratitude, humility and joy, the OSonOS 2006 self-organizing team (all members of the professional association of trainers and consultants, Intertraining, www.intertraining.org)

Galina Tsarkova, independent consultant and trainer, Moscow, Russia (gala_tsar_kova@mail.ru) Mikhail Pronin, Center for Virtualistics, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia http://ich.iph.ras.ru, www.virtualistica.ru, or www.virtualistika.ru (virtus@mail.ru, School of Trainers and Consultants www.cursus.ru) Raffi Aftandelian, essenceworks consulting group, Moscow, Russia (raffi@bk.ru)