Please join us in a world wide inquiry into The Effect of Open Space Technology

There are so many wonderful stories about the power of Open Space Technology! Our desire is to ground them is a sound research base and discover patterns. Why? Here are some of the reasons expressed at the Open Space on Open Space in Goa, 2004:

Our overall purpose is to increase the effectiveness of Open Space by deepening our understanding of it: how it is used, what it accomplishes, who is affected and how, as well as the underlying patterns that it teaches us.

Whether you do one interview or fifty, you can help by interviewing Open Space sponsors and participants.

We offer you three alternative forms:

  1. A 15 minute, 4-question Descriptive* interview [link]
  2. A one-hour in-depth Appreciative Inquiry** interview [link]
  3. A 15 minute, 3-question Appreciative Inquiry interview [link]

In all cases, we want you, the interviewer, to answer 13 questions to help set the interview in context and also assist in discovering patterns. We would also like you to to get your respondant to sign the informed consent form. Keep one copy and send a copy to Peggy Holman.

To assist you in categorizing your Open Space event, please consider using the sectors list [link]

Please use any or all of these documents to contribute your results. Once there is a sufficient base of data, we’ll put out the word for those interested in working to understand the patterns we uncover. Of course, the results will be published right here.

Contributing your stories

To contribute your stories to our research weblogs, go to and enter "osresearch" as your user name and "osresearch" also as your password. Chose the blog you wish to post to, click on "new post" and fill in the template in the editing window.

Viewing the research weblogs

To see the results of the research collected so far, visit the research weblogs:

More information

For more information about the project email

Peggy Holman, Larry Peterson,