Play it again! /Participants2004 thought it would be a good idea to have another OpenSpaceOnOpenSpaceInUS next year, in November in San Antonio Texas. And sure enough, it's gonna happen. /Participants /Proceedings2005

PLEASE JOIN US for . . .

An Open Space on Opening More Space in the USA - November 12-14th in San Antonio!

...for managers, facilitators and other business and community leaders interested in a deeper exploration of the issues and opportunities related to using Open Space Technology (OST) in organizations and living in a chaotic, self-organizing, Open Space world.

Open Space Technology: What has it been? What is it now? And where can it lead us next? Where are our growing edges? What have we learned? And what is now possible? How can it work with your people, in your organization? How can it help address your most important strategic and operating issues? These are just some of the questions that come to mind as we consider all of the Issues and Opportunities for Opening More Space in American organizations and communities. Please join us with your own specific questions, issues and ideas!

This meeting is for networking and supporting each other, for learning about and implementing OST in the USA. As there is much activity going on elsewhere in the world, this gathering is specifically focused on the practice of OST in the United States. Please do invite persons from your community, foundation, government agency, association or business who have expressed interest in considering using Open Space as one way to make their next meeting better.

We expect and invite people and conversations at all levels of experience -- from curious newcomers to curmudgeonly veterans. Please note that this is not a training event, you'll be responsible for your own learning -- and the opportunities for that will be tremendous! Be prepared to raise your own questions, issues and opportunities for implementing OST -- and to share your own life and work experiences. We expect and invite a wealth of learning and contribution, shared stories and new experiments.



The meetings will be held at the Menger Hotel, 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205. For direction and to learn more about the hotel, visit


To reserve a room, contact the Menger Hotel directly by phone (1-800-345-9285 before October 12, 2005. Be sure to mention you're with the Open Space in the U.S.A. group to get our special $99 rate. After October 12 remaining rooms in our block will be released and although you may be able to reserve a room, you may have to pay a higher prevailing rate.

More on the Menger plus tourist information

If you can't get into the Menger, or you want to save a little money, try The Crockett Hotel just a narrow side street away from the Menger's side entrances. Check it out at Phone: 1-800-292-1050 Although the web page does not reflect this, the Crockett's sales manager told me they are supposed to be renovating their kitchens in November and even if we reserved rooms there, meetings and meals would have to be taken care of by the Menger. There are plenty of other nearby places to eat. Just didn't want you to expect room service and perhaps find it unavailable.


The fee for the conference runs on a sliding scale from $60 to $150. Please pay what you are able and feels right to you. These fees will cover meeting space, materials, breakfast Sunday and Monday and some snacks. Anything left over will be offered as funding for community project(s) that we will develop during the conference or will be given to the Open Space Institute USA. Conference organizers are working as volunteers, as their contribution to the practice of OST in the US.

To Register: Send your contact information, a few lines of biography and your interest in Open Space to We'll post this info here: /Participants for pre- and post-conference connecting.

To Make Your Payment: visit or send a check to Diana Lewis, Box 1399, Leakey TX 78873-1399.


These meetings are intended for anyone who wishes to begin or continue learning about the practice of OST, which is an essential part of any transformation process in communities, in organizations and in our lives. After completing your own registration and making your reservations for lodging, extend this invitation to others who might want to learn about past successes and new possibilities for working with Open Space Technology.

Consider some pre-event studying, in books or online. Experienced OST users, actively opening spaces anywhere in the USA, may want to browse the new resources at or review Harrison Owens books, including his latest, The Practice of Peace. If you are new to OST, please get familiar with the basics as set forth in Harrison Owens book Open Space Technology: A Users Guide(Barrett-Koehler Publisher). To order books online, visit


Contact any of the following co-conveners of this event...