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Open Space Event on TB in Macedonia

TB - Challenges and Needs - How we can improve the TB situation in Macedonia?

The First Open Space Event took place in Macedonia initiated by the Macedonian Red Cross from 19-21 February 2004, with the follow-up meeting on 9th May 2004!

More than 50 participants appeared, and they raised and discussed more than 25 issues. It was fascinating to see people, who are affected by TB, openly discussing all the problems and challenges with government representatives, experts and ministry representatives and Red Cross staff and volunteers.

Ongoing projects are being implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. TB patients are now more active and they are requesting better treatment from health authorities. Some of the outcomes of "Open Space" have been used as a basis for the Macedonian application to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

We would like to acknowledge that the preparatory and facilitation team worked in a real team atmosphere and in the best possible manner.

Thanks to Pece Damcevski, Sonja Tanevska, Ljupka Petkovska, Vlatko Hadzipulevski and to all participants. Co-facilitators: Bea Kisszolosi mailto:beahun@hotmail.com and Branko Knezevic mailto:branimir@redcross.org.yu