Convenor: MartinvandenBlink

Participants:Merav, Sven, Joelle, Hannah, Jan, Alexander, Tova, Paul

Summary of the meeting:

The main conclusion of our group was that the energy you put into the introduction must be extremely authentic in order to energize others.

. how to prepare your own energy

        send a mental message to every member of the group in advance
        energize by focussing in, not out
        be there early and claim the space with your energy, creating a welcoming frequency
        trust youself and the open space technology: it will work
        be aware that you are 3d exposed (while you are walking around, people can see you from all sides)

. prepare the sponsor for his opening words, this is the most important influence on the group energy

. get connected to the energy of the group

        use emotional words to touch people
        think as one of the participants, why they came, what they want
        invite people to be there
        seduce them to be there
        walk around at your own pace and make eye contact with every one
        bring your own thrill
        be at their service
        make your introduction personal, tell some personal things, this will set the model what is allowed in OS
        don't let the rush and the anxiety of the group take over, talk slowly and trustworthy

. give space to the incoming energy, acknowledge energy that can be occupying participants minds; the telephone, worries, the trip etc,

. "unzip" the circle, walk around (clockwise or counter clockwise?, inside or outside the circle?) then go the center and create a common energy

. let the group connect

        count up all the years of living experience in the group (cumulative group age)and tell them
        this assures them they are very capable of finding their own solutions
        break the formal patterns and explain the natural rithm of groups in de past
        tell the difference between accept and agree. 
              accept is willing to take in and consider
              agree is say yes and act on it
              ask the participants for a state of acceptance, not a state of agreement

. what to do when people lose attention

        do nothing, they need that.
        change your tone of voice
        ask yourself what is happening

. dont explain the agenda thing, just demonstrate it


. whatever energy, coming from you or from the group, you can not f... it up !!

Follow up:

. explore masculin/feminin energies . explore different fases in energy (group and facilitator) during the opening speech (although the idea of analyzing fases was strongly resisted)

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