Issue: I/we as independent Change Facilitators in a fast changing and smaller becoming world ... We are facilitating change, creating new things, supporting others ... and how do we facilitate ourselfs? Whats about our chaos, our troubles, our control-energy, our changes, our risks, our fears ... what are our ressources? SO, WHATS ABOUT US?

Convenor: Gabriela Ender

Participants: Thomas F. Berger, Julie Stuart, Jessi Yen Ju Hsian, Gabriele Burkhardt, Audrey Coward, Agneta Falk, Eva Schwarz, Shu-Fang Tsai, Sheila Isakson, Alexander Kjerulf, Gail West,

Summary of the meeting: Yesterday, at the first day of OSonOS, I felt so happy to be there, but at the same time I felt the need to have a bit another kind of colleague exchange here. This farm place here is so, so big. It brought me to the idea of a more close and different exchange between colleagues. So this morning I raised this topic without any expectation. Now, the session ist just over ... and for me and others it was an extraordanary /sorry for my english :)/ circle. Its not easy for me to share this kind of personal and trustful and so deep gathering here in this space. WOW! So, I will try to do my best to give readers a good brief summary:

- In the beginning I startet the session by sharing an example about an own stuck situation regarding my work, and what I did to reach a new personal step and how to come again in another, but again creativ flow. When I felt stucked, and I felt not good about it I remembered an old little dream I had since many years. It was 'just' the dream of a little pond and a little waterfall in my yard. But as I allowed myself to realize this ... much more than the water came in flow :)What followed was an amazing circle of storytelling! Dear reader, please forgive me, when I do not repeat the contents. It was very personal. Colleagues shared stories about past personal change processes, as well as current heavy transition situations. It was as we would have a talking stick, but we did not have one. Appreciation, trust and respect went around ... silence ... only one person spoke. Huh! Smiles, puhs, and tears came up. Almost every story had the following elements = an uncomfortable personal situation (also burnouts), personal help resources, the deeper learning plus the current situation.

After the storytelling circle we focused more on the question 'what is important for us as change facilitaors and what or how do we can faciliate ourselfs'? Here some mixed spotlights from all of us:

- Focuse more on intentions than on fixed goals,

- check from time to time the speed of your life,

- slow down down from time to time, go in another position,

- check your balance ... this all without giving up your dream!

- everywhere the speed is so fast, but if we are also able to slow down ... we are doing the things better and deeper,

- learn to accept also your frustration ... its human,

- practise the touch with your inner self ... feel the moments of change ... be in the present, believe and trust, that change is life,

- know, that you have freedom, if you are aware of your free choices ... know, that you almost ever have choices, or try to create choices, this is your own responsibility!

- believe, that the right change will come if the time is right ... feel it in your body! Does it feels good? Is it joyful? Then follow this sign.

- look for people, colleague networks, regional OSonOS, or e.g. an a very personal level for longer term helping circles ... and investe in relationships ... if you really need help ... others are there. 'I AM who I am just in relation to YOU', humans need reflection,

- routine is very good ... we have orientation, feel save and secure, BUT too much routine could stop our learning and creativity ... supports our control energy. Attention, if you do OST over 10 years exactly in one way :))

- Ask yourself: Are you doing, what you are talking ... life is a adventure of learning ,

- the root word of FACILITATE is facile, which means 'to make easy',

- and last but not least ... practise to live the philosophy of OST

After all this wonderful ressouce and wisdom sharing ... we were so much inspired about this session. We thank each other. And the wonderful thing for me also was, that I now am clear to organize the first international change facilitator conference in may 2004 in berlin.

We ended with a grandios surprise from Sheila. She gave each participant a sweet little eagle. The eagle from harley davidson motor company. Is this now the symbol for such close and trustful and close collegues exhanges regarding business issues as well as the human side of or BEHIND all? We will see:)



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Marvelous and very inspirational story!!! Thanks, Gabriela and all the others - ArturSilva