Using Video/DVD to share the story


John Engle


MartinvandenBlink, FrancisGastmans?, BillIsakson?, FremyCesar, MichaelPanniwitz?, Jr.

Summary of the meeting:

Several conclusions that were made by our group:

1. Using video/DVD, is an effective way to share and document important stories.

2. When creating a video/DVD one should be very clear about the purpose: who is it for, and what is the message?

3. Watching meetings on video can be boring. It better captures people’s interest when they see and hear people sharing the impact Open Space (or whatever) is having on them personally or in their organization or work, etc And, it helps when viewers get an idea about that person’s life in general: who is this person that is saying these things? Where do they live? What do they do? What are they like? etc.

4. Perhaps among the most important things about open space is that it helps people, individually and collectively to: •take greater responsibility for there their work, their learning, their very lives •it celebrates freedom encouraging people to do what they really feel they should do, and choices are respected •it helps people to discover their value, and to better access their creativity potential

These things should be reinforced over and over in various ways – interviews, discussions, and images of people in action - throughout the message.

While we were on point number 4, we talked about the importance of documentation in general. Documenting people’s experience in open space is a way to affirm the value of their ideas, of their experience, of THEM. And, documenting can be done in many ways: Drawings that people do and which are photographed, pictures, recording oral summaries of sessions on a cassette recorder (might be especially appropriate when working with people in oral cultures), etc. etc,

Below are some of the comments after participants watched the 8-minute preview of the documentary being developed of the work in Haiti:

“It wets my appetite to know more.” “I found it very interesting.” “It seems that Haitian OS practitioners will find it useful as they try to convince new organizations to experiment with Open Space.” “Go for it! Don’t wait until its perfect. Start using it. There is nothing to lose.”

Anyone reading these notes that would like to receive a VHS cassette containing the 8-minute preview “Circles of Change – a quiet revolution in Haiti” please contact JohnEngle:

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