Issue: Regional Open Space on Open Space Events / Learning Exchange

Convenor: Brian Bainbridge, Michael M Pannwitz

Participants: Ulrika, Kerry, Sheila Isakson, Agneta S., Eva, Martin/Holland?, Antti-Juhani Wihuri, Erich Kolenaty Christa Gescher (responsible for the record)

Summary of the meeting:

Motivations for being at this workshop:

Experiences (not in chronological order):

Follow up:

Online Comments:

1. Accepting the division Global - Regional - Local, I would like to clarify that Regional has many meanings - the "Berlin Region", is different from a "German Region" and from an "European Region".

2. I think that the point about Regional OSonOs? is related with Regonal OSIs. If a regional meeting takes place then a regional OSI is at least informally in place - or can become in place soon.

3. The point about Regional/Local? OSonOS is about geography/distance (that also has an inpact on cost), but also about language. (And probably also about "culture": countries where Catolic religion is dominant are adhering less to OST than the others. As they are normaly Latin speaking countries I don't know exactly what is the cause).

4. Speaking about language (and the Internet), there is today a different emerging way to divide the world, based not on geography but mostly on language. Of course geography still exists. But it can have almost a null impact on OSIs but a greater impact on trans-nacional language-based OSonOS. Tools like Wiki or the OSonline SW would have to be used. But it is not impossible, and it can be an alternative or complement to regional OSonOS.


I added notes about GlobalChicago:MidwestOS, Singapore and Perth to the notes above. --MichaelHerman