Issue: Experiences about what helps to create preconditions for Spirit

Convenor: Michael Molenaar

Participants: Ulrika, Jessica, Joelle, Eva, Rob

Summary of the meeting:

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Online Comments:

For me the key is invitation. I believe we can be pushed and jostled into all kinds of places and experiences, but we can only be invited to act with Spirit. An invitation freely and unconditionally offered can be met with a step forward as Spirit moves one into position. -- ChrisCorrigan

More and more I am wanting to embody invitation, opening, spaciousness. Being OS and letting the doing take care of itself. This seems to be what you are talking about in the list above. Thank you. I would add to this list: [ZapchenSomatics], [ToxinHandling], [NonViolentCommunication], byron katie's The Work, appreciative inquiry, as a few other core practices that support the kind of embodying that I'm thinking of. --MichaelHerman