Issue: mapping os sectors / clients & topics

Convenor: IlseGrant?

Participants: many many

Summary of the meeting:

A mind map was made with differently coloured post-its around the central question: "Who was/is a partner /client for os?"

First divisions were made into: 1.Profit 2.non-profit profit

Subdivisions were the following *Sectors*:

ad 1. service, production, traders; media

ad 2. government - politics - international - national - community development; unions; NGOs: education; youth; funders; cross disciplinary collaborations

ad 3. NGOs -; churches; health sector; sports; arts; clubs/associates

...many of them not always properly to be distinguished and/ or intermingled

On these branches *Clients* were added... too much here now.

Ideally there would have been *Topics* also, but we've got quite far already.

Probably a photo will be available for documentation at some stage.

Thank you all for your contributions!!!

Follow up:

Online Comments:

In the past year I have open Space for the following sectors: