Issue: Freedom and OST

Convenor: AlexanderKjerulf

Participants: Nobody

Summary of the meeting: OK, nobody came for the discussion which means that I'm free to write down my own personal views on the matter here. So there :o)

The "Freedom" that I'm concerned with is the basic freedom that comes with being a human. It means, that nobody can tell you what to do. Every choice you've ever made, has been made of your own free will. It also means that nobody can give anybody else orders. Even if your boss tells you to do "X", it is your free choice to do it or not. This basic freedom has a number of consequences:

These are not necessary evils that we need to abolish, rather they are an integral part of freedom. Without these, there would be no freedom.

Whether this freedom exists is a matter of belief, I certainly don't know of any proof for free will. However, we realize and utilize our freedom in very different ways. Some people live accordingly while others choose not to acknowledge it.

In my opinion, OST is the meeting form that does the best job of acknowledging our freedom. OST acknowledges that *people have choices

If that aint freedom, I don't know what is :o)

Participating in OST meetings is so exhilarating because people feel empowered - basically because they're put in charge if whatever they want to be in charge of. Freedom again. It might thus be argued, that spirit and freedom are very closely linked. That spirit without freedom is difficult, and that freedom without spirit is meaningless.

Or that's my 2c's worth anyway.


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A friend offered me this gift of a question (this question has origins in Buddhist practice I believe) when I was in a dilemma one day around making a choice......

"Does it taste of freedom?"

and the answer was immediately clear to me. I have used this question many times now to clarify things for myself.

I guess Angleles Arrien's four-four way or Harrison's take on it being The Way of Spirit Show up Be present Tell the truth Let go of outcome


the way of freedom.

Yes Open Space Technology is about freedom.

Thankyou for raising this topic Alexander. HelenPatterson NZ