Originally, this page was organized alphabetically by first name. Then it was reorganized to be alphabetically by last name. Now, it's been changed back be alpha by first name which does seems a bit easier. Comments?

As I have been responsible for the last reorganization, maybe I should explain why I have done that. First, I could NOT see any organization and the list seemd to me completelly unorganized. Now that I know that the list was eventually "organized by last name", I understand that I could only have understood the "order" if it was written, for instance "Herman, Michael" or even, eventually, if it was written "Michael Herman" but when we are using wiki names MichaelHerman is just one word for me. Sorry if this WikiGnome made a gnome-mistake ;-) - ArturSilva

I don't see it as a mistake at all. MichaelHerman is just one person, after all. :-) Sure, I value his opinion, but sometimes we disagree! :-) Anyway, I like the new organization by first name. Thanks Artur! --TedErnst

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