I am really looking forward to OSonOs? and to finally putting faces to names. I have been a lurker on the list for a couple of years now, and find it amazing to share the range of thinking and support there.

I work for a charity in Northern Ireland which aims to inspire actions for sustainable development and a more sustainable future. The largest part of my work is a focus on different ways of working and supporting other organisations to be able to engage with all of their stakeholders in planning and implementation work. We run a process management and facilitation service for this work which also brings us in a bit of extra cash to make us less dependent on grant funding.

While we work with Open Space and Future Search as well as designing tailor-made processes for our clients I haven't made it to or through a full-length Open Space yet, and am fascinated to see how it all works.

I'm also excited about having the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the people who have been doing such important work with the Practice of Peace around the world. Obviously that is a big challenge for us here in Northern Ireland (things quieten down occasionally but real change is very slow), and I'm hoping to be able to tie this into some work that the government is doing on community relations.

So again I'm happy to be going to Bramstrup and to finally contributing somethig concrete to the OS community.

Welcome to the Wiki, Julie. How does someone contact you if not at OSonOS (email, etc)? --TedErnst