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as many of you know, we also actively promote the cause of exchange between people throughout the world who are interested in the subject of participation, networking, and change. The message of today is especially addressed to Change Facilitators and Change Consultants. Please have a look at the following, current invitation. Thank you very much for sharing this information with other colleagues, appropriate networks and communities!

Waiting for you to join!

Sincerely Gabriela Ender & Team

Invitation for Change Facilitators Worldwide to the International OpenSpace-OnlineŽ Real-time Conference -- June 13th, 2003

Global Crises & Global Transition

What are our Issues and Opportunities in a challenging Worldwide Change Process?

Political crises, global recession, new diseases and the growing ecological unbalance on earth greatly influence us and next generations. At the same time we have experienced a global outpouring of commitment to peace and nonviolence.

Luckily, most of us live in peaceful and democratic areas, where we feel confident. Hundreds of us around the world have the privilege to support teams, organizations or other networks by facilitating change.

Anyhow, we think it is not a time of "Business as usual" - it is a time of transition, new challenges, and new questions. For example:

What are your thoughts, questions and ideas?

Let us get together to exchange our thoughts and resources for our work in a challenging worldwide change process. Get to know other Change Facilitators or Change Consultants over the Internet. We warmly invite you to take part in this 3,5 hour real-time conference!

Organizer: OpenSpace-Online GmbH?, Germany

Group of participants: Internal, external Change Facilitators & Change Management Consultants

Conference language: English

Date and time: June, 13th/14th 2003, (depending on your time zone)

Conference fee: 28,00 EUR

Donation: 25% of all fees will go to UNICEF "For the children in Iraq"!

Registration deadline: June, 5th 2003

Further information and on-line registration: (please click on "Current Invitation")

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