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                                          Transcending duality  

                              Dead Sea Valley, Israel - Palestine

                                             may  4 - 9, 2005


                               It is the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance
                               It is the dream afraid of failing that never gets a chance, 
                               and the soul afraid of dying never really lives.

                               The Rose, Bette Midler

We all know duality; we live in world of duality. We struggle with it, we cherish it, we suffer from it, we love it. Duality makes us interesting, but it also separates us. How can we move from duality to the spirit of oneness, without losing our identity, our uniqueness? It is this question that lies at the heart of this five day conference. We donít know all the answers, we even donít know the right questions, but we invite you to come and join this initiative to be together and to be inspired in the spirit of oneness. Transcending duality is not something to talk about, but rather to be tasted, to try, to experiment. It is an experiment in building bridges, between opposites, between men and women, between east and west, between Christians, Jews and Moslems, between believers and non-believers, between rich and poor, between people of all races. 'Transcending Duality' is also a playground for uniting opposites within ourselves; between making money and following your heart, between keeping control and letting go, between male and female qualities, between business and family-life, between harmony and conflict and many more. There is a power transcending all opposites while at the same time acknowledging the differences that make us so unique. Join and share your resources, your talents, your stories of work, life and the world you come from.

This conference will be a gathering of healers, consultants, artists, therapists, trainers, change-agents, leaders in the field of politics, economy, education or well-care. It is not a religious nor a political meeting, but a meeting of the heart. It is a possibility to gain deeper understanding and insight in the deep proces of your own soul, as well as an opportunity to meet other people who are willing to contribute their time and talents.

The conference will be led by Ton van der Kroon (Netherlands) and Susanne Triner (Switserland). Both have a long experience in leading workshops and conferences on individual and organisational transformation. Ton has been giving men's workshops over the last 13 years, in Holland, Russia, Belgium and lately in Israel. He is author of 'The Return of the King; a book for men on love, lust and leadership'. Susanne Triner has given workshops since 1996 with her own ShoShaNa? system to uniqueness ©, she works from -inside out- and leads individuals and groups in processes of transformation. She is the initiator of the Together21, an international project that lobbies the benefit of all. Ton and Susanne first met on an Organisational Transformation conference in the 90's and became friends. A team of highly qualified co-trainers will assist them.

The conference will be held in a part of the world where duality has become so acute that people build walls and committ suicide attacks to solve the problem. The aim of the conference is to bring healing, both to ourselves, our communities and the world at large by using new techniques of soulwork, transformation, conflict-resolution, healing and meditation or prayer.

It will be a unique event with unique people.

Healing Ritual

The conference will end with a healing ritual on the day of the new moon, May 8th. Together we will set up a stone circle of 12 stones representing 12 aspects of humanity, coming together in a circle of respect, equality and freedom. A thirtheenth stone will be placed in the middle, representing a new vision of humanity that is created through the coming together of the twelve.

Israel - Palestine

Passing through the country, the borders and the chequepoints around Jericho, you will be confronted with some of the political issues and the duality between the Israelis and the Palestinians. We chose Jericho because it is easy to reach, the tension is much less then in other parts of the country and it lies protected in the beautiful Dead Sea Valley. The people of Jericho are very friendly and welcoming to strangers. We are happy to welcome both Palestinians and Israelis as well as all other nations and cultures to the conference.


The Jericho Resort Village is a new comfortable hotel overlooking the Dead Sea Valley, the mountains and the city of Jericho. At the back of the hotel is the famous mountain of Temptation. Not far from the resort is the Dead Sea with its healing qualities and the famous caves of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Jericho is called the Village of the Moon, and is known as the oldest city on earth, dating back more then 10.000 years. The city lies 300 meter under sealevel and is built in an oasis.


During these five days we will create the program as we go along. In the morning gathering we will come together to set the tone of the day. In the evening we will share our experiences. The language of the conference is english. There are a few rules that guarantee the space of the conference to remain open: 1. Whoever comes are the right people. 2. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen. 3. When it starts, it starts. 4. When its over, its over. 5. Follow the law of two feet (be where you need to be). 6. Expect the unexpected.

The program will start on May 4th, 8 p.m. and end on May 9th, at 10 a.m.


To get to Jericho you have to fly to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv and take a taxi from there to the resort. On the way you will pass Jerusalem. You will have to pass an Israeli chequepoint before entering Jericho. We will inform the authorities and the people at the chequepoints so that they will be expecting conference participants. The airport authorities may ask you all kinds of questions about the reason for your visit and any possible connections to arab/palestinian people. This is simply routine procedure. More detailed travelling information will follow after subscription.


The five-day conference fee is 555 euro. This includes accommodation and all meals. Excluded are travelling costs. We share double rooms in the luxury Jericho Resort Village near the town of Jericho, overlooking the Dead Sea Valley. Cancellations received at the latest one month prior to the start of the conference are entitled to a refund of 450 Euro.


To make reservations for your participation in the conference, please deposit 555 euro to account 6143688, Van der Kroon Training en Consult, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (IBAN-code: NL34 PSTB 0006143688, BIC-code: PSTBNL21) Also please send the booking form back to tvdkroon@xs4all.nl. The booking form is at the end of this message. NB. Please help us to make it easy: book as soon as possible!!


Participation in the conference is at your own responsibility. The organisation can take no responsibility for any problems, damage, costs or cancellation incurred. Be aware of the difficult situation of the country. Being honest, open and avoiding any confrontation is a good practice.


We need extra funding to facilitate the organisational work as well as funding for participants from low-income areas. Please help us in this and make your donation to giro 614.36.88, Van der Kroon Training & Consult, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (IBAN-code: NL34 PSTB 0006143688, BIC-code: PSTBNL21), stating Donation Jericho. We greatly appreciate your contribution.


Sent an e-mail, so we can keep you posted about the developments of the conference! There will be articles and adresses, news and information. For any questions or suggestions, news or inspiring texts, contact: Ton van der Kroon at tvdkroon@xs4all.nl, 0031 20- 6898454 or Susanne Triner, striner@tiscalinet.ch, 0041 31 9525552


If you cannot attend the conference in Jericho, but you want to be connected to the initiative, here are a couple of suggestions: 1. Create your own healing ritual on the new moon of May 8th, gathering friends, or other people who would like to participate. Let's create a whole web of healing gatherings during these days!! 2. Meditate during each new moon, thus creating a field of healing till the new moon on the 8th. 3. Send this information to your network of friends, colleques etc. 4. Stay connected through our website with the latest news on the conference: www. healingconferences.nl (to be created)


What is a Healing Conference?

ĎLook for the river beneath the riverí, the indians say in South America. It means that behind the story of daily life, there is a more profound story of the soul. it is like a reality that shines through the normal reality of our lives. We all know moments when this is happening; when we are touched by love, when we have a strong intuition, or when there is a high level of synchronicity. On this soul-level of being, every polarity falls away. Everything seems to be perfect and part of the divine.

How many times though do we fall Ďout of loveí and loose this sweet awareness of the soul? It takes practice, insight and letting go of old beliefsystems and pain to become more and more transparent, so the soul can shine through in all our work, words and relationships. It is a constant process, and the difficult thing is; it is beyond our control. You can only let it happen. But once youíve felt this experience in unity, you will know the enormous healing-power it has. It will show you that everything is exactly as it should be, if we are only willing to open our eyes.

In a healing conference we will tap into this stream of life beneath the normal reality. How will we do this? There is no fixed way, nor set of rules that can help us. Some structure and methods can be helpful, but in the end it is a matter of silent listening and being open to the unexpected. It involves trust, surrender and patience to let the mystery do its work.

Together we will dis-cover the tapestry of both our individual stories as well as our collective story during our coming together. Sometimes small details will point us the way and it takes awareness to notice them. These details give the clues to the soulstory that is beyond the normal life-story.

There is an unseen connection between our individual healing and the healing of the collective. By focussing on our own healing, letting go of grief and pain, clarifying old patterns, discovering new ways of growth, we will heal the collective field as well. Both are interdependent.

Open Space We will use the concept of Open Space as a framework for the conference. This means that there is no program, nor speakers, but we will create the program together as we go along. Every participant can offer workshops, meetings, insights or ideas to the agenda. In the morning and the evening we will come together in a circle to share our discoveries and report of whatís happening.

Open Space has a few guidelines to facilitate the process during the conference:

1.Whoever is there are the right people. Everybody has his or her role in the story. 2. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen. Everything happens for a reason and is there to help us gain more insight. 3. Whenever it starts, it starts. Magic has its own timing. It might already start weeks before the conference happens. 4. Whenever it stops, it stops. Donít linger on, when the feeling is too good, nor stay when things that donít work. Follow the flow. 5. Follow the law of the two feet. Keep your own responsibility. You can leave a workshop if it doesnít suit you. 6. Be prepared to be surprised. The soul always leads us to our highest good, but it might be an unexpected journey....

the beginning of the story In march 2004 I was invited to give a workshop for Palestinian actors in Hebron. I visited the Mosque of Abraham and suddenly realised that both Arabs, Jews and Christians are coming form the same founding father Abraham. An intuition led me to the idea to organize a conference on the theme of Ďtranscending dualityí but it didnít seem easy to find a right place for it. Two days later I came across the town of Jericho, and after having stayed there for three days I found the Jericho Resort Village. It seemed the perfect place to have a conference. In my work - I have been giving menís workshops over the last 13 years in Holland, Belgium and Russia - I have discovered that many conflicts and difficulties in work, relationships and in the society are rooted in old pain. It takes courage to uncover the pain so it can be healed. Iím always deeply touched by the proces and the magic of healing. When the old pattern is resolved it doesnít have to be re-created anymore. It is like a curse has been lifted. Although Iím aware that the problems in the Middle East are enormously complex and difficult to solve, I think it might be helpful to introduce and exchange new methods of healing and soulwork.

I would like to invite you to share your ideas and your knowlegde of healing, but most of all: to meet you in an open and respectful way and to have a great time together.

Ton van der Kroon


for more information look at: http://www.healingconferences.nl