The invitation for an OpenSpace event is an important document in that it outlines

Opportunities and Challenges: "Growing Agile Practices"

Exploring Ways to Promote a more Agile Workplace.

We invite you to contribute your professional experience to this discussion, as we explore ways to broaden and deepen our implementations of Agile Software Development practices. Our objective is to discover ways to remove roadblocks to Agility within our own development shops.


Agile Software Development, once the domain of innovators alone, seems poised to break into the mainstream. The word "Agile" is popping up in the marketing materials of big-name players, whether they be adopting it wholesale or merely toying with it. But there are those who argue that this heralds a watering-down of the key values that make Agile Software Development (called "ASD" hereafter) radically different. It will become more and more important, as we move forward, to maintain the emergent nature of ASD, and to that end we are holding this event.

ASD cannot be reduced to a laundry list of sequential steps - it requires constant revision and adaptation to its context. There can be no "cookbook" implementation that will guarantee its success. The final shape of any Agile practice will emerge over time, and at its best will assume a shape appropriate to its organisational, technical and human context - a different shape in each workplace, potentially. And yet, because ASD is driven by values and principles, ASD shops tend to share certain commonalities, and the lessons learned in one can be valuable for another. This is an opportunity to brainstorm your own concerns and problems with like-minded colleagues in the open-ended setting of an Open Space meeting. We invite you to join us as we interact with one another's ideas and questions - and hopefully emerge with new strategies and the courage to turn our own problems into opportunities.

Your Initiative and the Agenda

The agenda for our conversations will be created by your initiative, by your perception of the challenges and opportunities worth discussing, in relation to the theme. You will also be asked to take responsibility for reporting your ideas and proposals. Your active involvement will be essential to our success. Organisations have used Open Space Technology successfully across Canada and around the world to enable spirited and productive dialogue. This approach will allow you to focus on those issues for which you have a passion to discover solutions and strategies. Topics will be set by the participants themselves on the day of the meeting, but could include items such as:

If you want to find our more about Open Space as a meeting approach, we suggest you check our facilitator's web site at which has links to other Open Space sites as well. This meeting approach will be new for many of you, so expect some pleasant surprises.This will be an excellent opportunity to experience a professionally-led Open Space session, and evaluate whether it is a tool you want to add to your Agile toolbox.

Givens for the Event

This meeting does take place within some boundaries, to help focus our discussion during the short time we are together:

Our Commitment to You

You will be contributing a day of your time to this effort. Thus, as the Sponsor, we make the following commitments to you:

Our Facilitator for the Day

We are fortunate to be collaborating with LarryPeterson, one of Canada's most experienced OpenSpace facilitators.

About the Sponsors of this Event

Scrum Toronto is an offshoot of XP/Agile? Toronto, formed last year following the Toronto ScrumMaster Certification course. We are a small group of enthusiasts, using the ScrumToronto Yahoo Group to organise our informal meetings. Many of us also participate in the ScrumDevelopment? Yahoo Group for worldwide discussions relating to Agile and Scrum.

Organisers for ScrumToronto are: DeborahHartmann and RegBraithwaiteLee.