Hi I'm Elena Marchuk, I live in West Siberia, east from Ural Mountains, which devide our north part of Eurasia/Asia? continent for each one. Novosibirsk is a 1.5 million citizens city with the scientific town Akademgorodok of 200 thousands people, where I live.

I'm with OS since September 1999, where being in Berlin on a Future Search Conference learning workshop (wiht Michael Pannowitz and the author of the method - Sandra Janoff and Marvin Weisbord) I've heard: OK, for the planning session on the 3rd day you can use different methods, for example - OS... everybody knows here what is it, ... I would not explain... said Sandra

well, first FSC we used some sort of a planning session, than try to use OS as it was described in a book of Sandra and Marv.. and then I went to a journey - to learn what is it really and how difficult to explain it and to promote in Russia. I managed to do like about 30 of them, mostly small. like 2-3-4 hours, though have some 1 and 1.5 dsys.

I participated in 2.5 dsys OSonOS in Vancouver, thanks to my friends and people who support me!!!

Now I'm going to make my first training of trainers workshop in Irkutsk - that is the city on Baikal lake and I'm going to leave there on Monday, 25th. That will be the first try and it will not be a big group, like 6-8 peole, so what would you advise?

right now I'm going to use experience I got on Birgitt's Williams learning workshops "Working with Open Space Technology" and Open Space Technology for advanced trainers, wich I was so lucky to attend in the same 2001 as Vancouver. it is a part of her "Genuine Contact Program" which I hope to learn more some day. So thank you to all my friends and colleagues, good luck with your visit to Sweden... I'm with you by my heart. Take care and good work as well as a lot of fun! Cordially. Elena Novosibirsk, Russia

Welcome to the wiki! Would you like to share your email so people can contact you OffWiki?? --TedErnst
Hi Elena, good to hear about your learning and teaching journey, and good luck with your workshop!!!! MaxSchupbach