My seester NancyWhite just provided the link...we participated in 2000 in Vancouver.

Since then I've sponsored and facilitated Open Space for work, peace and fun...and been in touch with a few of the folks I met there.

I had the pleasure of working with LisaHeft for a large conference on "what systems must we put in place in our communities and state so all children and families can thrive?". It yeilded some long view thinking for me as a participant that is influencing my transitions from a 7 year job to...starting a very different kind of community foundation where all kinds of wealth is shared...and being free to help other groups use open space.

I also got to visit Andre beside a large Alpine meadow where hot springs flow in Sierraville CA...I keep going back there!

It will be fun to virtually visit this years gathering...thank you for those who are making our participation possible.


Care to share an email or other contact details?