OSI-US Board Meeting September 18, 2009
Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Present: Peggy Holman, Ed Laboy, Lisa Heft, Doug Germann Jr., Karen Davis, Tree Fitzpatrick
Absent: Phelim McDermott?, Gabriel Shirley, Christine Whitney Sanchez
Notes-taker: Lisa Heft

Moment of silence.

Peggy feeling loss of not going to WOSonOS? this year - must stay to complete her book. Ed’s glad to be in the meeting. Tree letting go feeling guilty about the notes. Karen may end up at WOSonOS? - not decide yet, glad to be with. Lisa moving back in after a remodel, looking forward to nesting. Doug checking in about not having anything to check in with.

Annual Member Meeting

Required by law to hold one each year

Lisa can hold that Member’s meeting at WOSonOS?. Lisa and Suzanne Daigle are only ones coming from the US - about 20 people from about 10 countries. Gail West thinks the reason for low turnout may be flu, typhoon - economy

Question regarding the annual meeting - Peggy wonders if it would be better to do a phone based meeting?
We could send an invitation to those people who are current members / who have paid dues in 09, or send messages to people who have paid dues at any time in 13 year history. Members could be defined either narrowly or broadly.
We recommend December, after our face-to-face meeting.
Bylaws say a phone meeting is indeed allowed - a conference call, holding it at WOSonOS? or not
We can put out a message after our retreat
This decision also allows Lisa to be with the WOSonOS? folks in other forms, and for Peggy to prepare the update information for November instead of for October.

May 2010 in Berlin - expecting big group because the most come to an OSonOS or WOSonOS? over land.

Doug maybe will encourage simultaneous OSonOSs?.
Lisa: I will always save my money for international gatherings, where there are more people not like me - that is where my deepest learning comes from. And of course I support anyone doing anything in their region. I’ll be announcing an OSonOS in SF in January, by the way.

Growing OS in Latin America

Lisa is working on it with the help of Gil Lazan. Karen has also some connections there and we can share ideas.

OSI-US in-Person Board Meeting, November

What if any prep for the face-to-face OSI Board meeting needs to be done?
Phelim will not be able to join us there. Karen will be joining us there.

Peggy can make one airport run, maybe Gabriel can as well
Depending on time of day - low traffic time - the airport is maybe 30 minutes from Peggy’s, similarly 45 minutes to Ann Stadler’s place. If traffic’s bad, allow 45 minutes to the airport on the way home; and it’s recommended to arrive 1.25 hours before flight time.

Ed will be arriving late afternoon Thursday the 12th and will be staying at the Doubletree hotel - he can do an airport pickup Friday - he is renting a car.
Who can be the keeper of arrival / departure schedules? Tree. When everyone coming in / out and who needs a ride.
Also: who needs a bed. She’ll also talk to Ann.

Please send Tree your schedules when you know them. Also your dietary needs.
Karen can stay on a bed or on the floor.
Peggy’s guest bedroom has a king bed so 2 could share if they wanted to with 1 more on a blow-up bed in the office.

Food: Tree will take a stab at it. She can pass the information to others for our working on it together.

Next Meeting

Doug - should we forgo an October meeting - as our November meeting is so close afterwards?
Peggy recommends an October meeting - Tree also; Karen feels it is important to have that option.
Friday 23 (not 16 as the 23rd is better for all) - Otherwise we will resume 3rd Fridays normally

Lisa updated that Artur and she are chatting about creating an OS portal perhaps similar to the World Cafe Community site.

empty bin! done early!

Tree excited about retreat, Karen excited about reconnecting, Ed exciting to put faces to names soon, we are sad Taiwan has a small turnout but know it will be a precious thing - Peggy says give a hug for me all my love and good wishes