OSI-US Board Meeting October 23, 2009
Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Present: Gabriel Shirley, Peggy Holman, Doug Germann Jr, Ed Laboy, Karen Davis, Lisa Heft
Absent: Tree Fitzpatrick, Phelim McDermott?

Doug’s birthday today!

November in-Person Board Meeting

Gabriel - coordinating a place to stay for Doug; everyone else has been placed.

Ed can help w/ airport or driving to meeting - he will have a car

Do we have peoples’ landing times? Tree’s not on the call and we do not know the latest - Gabriel helping now to coordinate.

Ed arrives 12th - Doubletree Hotel
Lisa arrives 11:35 - Southwest 1735
Karen arrives about 2p - American
Doug arrives 11:20 Fri - Delta/Northwest? 2561 / nw171
Christine arrives ___ - ___
Tree arrives ___ - ____
One pickup 12 noon-ish, another mid-afternoon - once we figure out Christine and Tree Gabriel could perhaps do the later pickup.

We have shared everyones’ cell phone numbers in an email.

November 13 - Peggy picks up Lisa and Doug and they all go shopping for food
Gabriel will pick up afternoon run; Ed for third run if needed
about 4p = start time at Gabriel’s
Dinner at Gabriel’s (Peggy can take folks home to her house from his house)
On we go from there

(Tree was collecting info - we have not heard from her so are collecting info on this call)
Gabriel hosting dinner at his place Friday pm
Doug, Karen - vegetarian
Others: just like to eat!

Peggy has markers, paper, tape etc.

Update WOSonOS? Taiwan (Lisa)

Registration doubled since last report - about 45 people from 10 countries. Two from the States - Suzanne Daigle and Lisa. Other OSI folks: OSI Taiwan of course, plus Larry Peterson (Canada), Brian Bainbridge (Russia), Spark (Korea). Also Pavel from Russia, Bhav currently from Malaysia, a woman from the Philippines, gentleman from Japan, some folks from China, Hong Kong. Tons of Taiwan OS folks.

Incredible hospitality, inclusion of culture, food. People who closed down their businesses to make food for us, give us free I Ching readings and massages and more - simply because the cultural exchange was important for them.

OS sessions included using OS to help villages devastated by the recent typhoons, using OS in hierarchal/partriarchal societies to include women’s and childrens’ voices, noticing our own and our countries’ cultural ways of communication in both the OS work we do and our own OS discussion conversations.

Shu-fang created / Gail West announced a NING site for the WOSonOS? where you can read the notes, post photos, etc. (NING is the platform Artur and Lisa are playing with for an Open Space world portal they wish to create and share, soon).

Bhav Patel spoke of how Access Queen helped him get to the Moscow conference and it has changed his professional life as he now uses OS so much in his work with communities in developing countries. Silent Auction ran the entire length of the room. We changed the name to ‘Talking Auction’ because in Taiwan everyone talks as they shop. Larry P stayed on to do some work supported by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.

A lot of people spoke of the power of having an international WOSonOS? to learn from people and cultures completely not like your own, and comparing how OS is used in those diverse settings. Michael Pannwitz Jr re-invited to Berlin. No invitations yet for 2011, though Phelim has expressed interest in bringing WOSonOS? to London.

WOSonOS? in Future Years

We spoke of Lisa and Karen’s growing communities of learning and practice in South America - perhaps future WOSonOS? there. Lisa notes a danger of wishing WOS into a community that does not yet have the local support for it - as happened in Goa behind the scenes - best to have a strong OS community on the ground, as most people come over land (so cannot count on income / registrations from folks from accross the seas), seed money is needed from Host Team for securing sites, good to have folks on Host Team who have been to experience a few WOSonOSes?, etc.).

Wondered about WOSonOS? being in East Coast North America 2011? New York? Toronto? Ottawa?

Larry and Karen have been talking about resurrecting the international OSI calls.
Lisa and Karen will be sharing their connections in South America to continue to grow that community. Lisa (with Gil Benson-Lazan’s help) has been collecting folks interested in receiving and hosting Open Space Learning Workshops. Lisa and Karen helping support South America community includes WOSonOS? 2012 possibility? IODA is in Brazil in 2011 or -12. Lisa’s strongest geographic response is from Columbia because of Gil’s sharing OS there, Pablo’s work, etc. Guy in Brazil very interested, as are others with capacity (for hosting Learning Workshops) in other regions.

Next Meeting Friday December 18, 2009- 10:30 am PDT / 11:30 am MDT / 12:30 pm CDT / 1:30 pm EDT / 9:30 pm GMT
Please call it out in the email messages that go out.
Gabriel will with that info also send us out a reminder a few days ahead of each meeting date.

BIN for December 18, 2009 OSI-USA Board Meeting
1- ‘‘World Open Space Calls’’ (Karen)
...and whatever else we feel so inspired to discuss.