Participants: Peggy Holman, John Engle, Michael Herman, Gabriel Shirley, Mikk Sarv, Karen Davis

Missed: Doug Germann, Lisa Heft, Kerry Napuk,

BIN for this meeting:

  1. World Service Market (Michael)
  2. Dee Dickenson / New Horizons - stories on OS and education (John, Kerry)
  3. Income generation (Kerry, Peggy)
  4. What people want to see happening under OSI umbrella / Inviting responsibility to seek passion (Karen, John)
  5. Thinking About our Webspace (all)
  6. Estonia Education wiki (Mikk)


1. New Number. Free Conference changed our phone number, so the call got started slow and several folks joined in along the way.

2. Webspace - John and Michael talked in advance of the meeting and crafted the beginning of a plan to invite a conversation about the website. The invitation will launch in January. It will invite (1) comment and contribution to the current website, (2) responsible (not necessarily technical) engagement in new evolution, (3) practice and learning conversation about how OS and tech tools are fitting together in the world, (4) ongoing conversation initially scheduled for 6 conf calls in 2006. Potential to invite and involve tech community beyond the OSLIST circle, as well. This is a broad practice question, ground in practice of maintaining an actual site in a big, loose community. Michael will draft invite, John will co-convene, others will be invited to join (who should these be?), and the invite will be posted to OSLIST and OSI mailing list. (Next: who should be invited to co-convene, commenters from OSONOS this year, for instance? => BIN)

3. World Services Market - is now seen as one dimension of what could/should happen within a vibrant community website, so we do tech/website conversation community first, and see if Market is something they want to support. Framing is all set, technical platform is non-functional due to disconnect. Need to establish new tech platform, with support of Webspace conversation, before launching Market. (Next: merge into Webspace and leave in the BIN)

4. Income and Inviting Responsibility - tech conversation is one possible version of this. We may find others. One version of evolution here may be that OSI can evolve into a constellation of community conf calls, each focused on practice issues, like tech, education, training, and other board passions... that will open space for others to convene same... board calls ultimately fade a bit into background? (Next: dedicate primary attention on next call to "what has heart and meaning for board members now" with possibility for a good conversation among us, and also possibility of having some of these topics become invitations to community to other conf call streams. => BIN as #1)

Not addressed: Dickerson / New Horizons, Estonia Education

Announced: Upcoming Estonian Practitioners Gathering next week.

Next call: Friday November 25th, 2005 (day after thanksgiving), at usual time -- and NEW phone number, same as today's call.

BIN for Next Time:

  1. What has heart and meaning for you, as board member, now? (Peggy)
  2. Dickerson / New Horizons (John, Kerry)
  3. Estonia Report - Education, Practitioner Gathering (Mikk)
  4. Webspace and Service Market (Michael, John)
  5. Income / Inviting Responsibility (...or did this just roll into #1, piloted also by #4?)
  6. Others?

Scribe: MichaelHerman. Comments and corrections welcome.