OSI-USA Board Minutes, May 21, 2009

Present: Doug, Peggy, Gabriel, Ed, Karen

Products Page

D: I posted one book pix on products page

D: Kaliya has not said more on the new website issues she raised

USWest Korean translation

D: I see no problem with going ahead with it.

G: are we moving in a direction that we want our products to be more freely available; do we make it available on the Web

G: There are Websites where you can post something and end up with translations in various languages

P: a conversation well worth taking some time with.

P: this is a small revenue stream for us.

P: let's put it in the bin

G: might energize our work

P: viral spread

G: generating awareness at the same time as generating translations

G: can do some background to see what is necessary to do this.

D: do we go ahead with Korean translation?

P: are we hurting Spark's project if we do the other translations?

G: there are so many sources that there is no competition

Board decision: go ahead and reply to Spark

YouTube? playlist

D: I'll ask John Engle for some ideas

Ask letter

P: Got it out; receipts are about on track with prior years.

P: have received $4,000 so far

D: would it be worth writing people who have donated this year who have not donated for many years. Could say: It's been awhile; is there something on your mind?

P: One person said it was an inspiring letter

P: remind people on the Board to send in their donations this year.

P: Not much energy around the idea of that sort of follow up letter

WOSonOS? Taiwan Funding

G: might have some time sensitivity

P: We have had some conversation around funding trainers, rather than funding individuals

D: we could have someone post at WOSonOS? about Where in the world should we send trainers? As to this year's scholarships, we could simply not ask for applications, but entertain any who come forward....

G: we could start a conversation on this with our members

G: we could decide not to do transportation, but donate to Access Queen

P: Or pay the registration fees

P: For sending trainers, where is there a need and receptivity?

P: Post that on the oslist as we get clearer.

P: criteria: there is a stable sponsor on the ground to organize—a local partner. Maybe choose a place a year.

D: I like Gabriel's idea of criteria; this helps us spread out our aid to more people

E: like the idea of partnering; like the idea of paying for registration; invitation would be key; registration can be a foundation.

D: I would like to hear more voices on this

P: draft a statement of how we want to be doing this?

D: as a conversation starter for the board

G: will send out that list of criteria as starter

Next meeting

Third Thursday, June 18, 2009, usual time (1:30 pm New York time)

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