OSI-US Board Meeting May 26, 2005 Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Present: Peggy Holman, Kerry Napuk, Mikk Sarv, John Engle, Doug Germann Sr., Karen Davis, Lisa Heft - - Absent: Michael Herman, Gabriel Shirley - - Notes-taker: Lisa Heft

1. Requests for OSonOS support (all)

Fremy’s is the only request received by deadline. Paulaine (Haiti) and Marina Tyasto (Russia) -- the other potential requestors who have been corresponding with Lisa -- have declined applying at this time due to time constraints and additionally the challenge Paulaine will have with first-time visa application, language and other factors.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

2. Bylaws (Doug)

To date, John, Karen and Doug have shared recommendations for our comments. Discussion about writing a Preamble to the Bylaws to explain the values and philosophy of Open Space. This may be useful for our discussion / decision on the various proposed adjustments to the Bylaws.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

3. Latest news regarding Harrison’s birthday plans (Doug, Karen)

Harrison’s birthday will be celebrated at OSonOS in Halifax. Doug sent a message to the HO birthday list; no response; Therese recommended ordering a cake and champagne.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

4. Dee Dickenson stories / Educational Summit (John, Kerry)

Ongoing discussion about writing up and Dee’s placing articles on OS on New Horizons

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

5. Income generation (all)

Memberships trickle in. Gail West is a consistently large supporter. Kerry would like us to generate some specific funding appeals for specific reasons. What about funding people around the world to go others’ trainings? A training fund - trainers could apply to it for subsidy to help low-income travelers to their trainings. Kerry mentions would also be good for World Service Market.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

6. Wish list call: what people want to see happening under OSI umbrella - inviting responsibility to seek passion. (Karen, John)

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, June 23, 2005

Please note that this meeting will be on a Thursday, and at 9:00am PST / 5:00 GMT (2 hours earlier than usual)

BIN for June 23 OSI(US) Board meeting:

1. Bylaws (Doug, Kerry)
2. Latest news regarding HO birthday plans (Doug, Karen)
3. World Service Market (Michael)
4. Dee Dickenson / New Horizons stories on OS and education (John, Kerry)
5. Income generation (Kerry)
6. What people want to see happening under OSI umbrella / Inviting responsibility to seek passion (Karen, John)

7. (Mikk) Estonia Education wiki - keep this in BIN for July or August conversation