Board Notes--OSI-US Friday, March 19, 2010

Present: Ed, Peggy, Doug, Karen, Christine, Lisa

Doug will be taking notes for us today.

Started with silence, then check-ins:

Added items to bin: Annual ask letter; Berlin annual member meeting?; Inviting people to board

Board membership

Ed's status on Board—he is in for this year; he is re-selected
Christine will send Phelim a request for his status on the board

Brian Bainbridge Memorial Endowment

Lisa had sent a draft to Karen
time line is really short
could we just get a couple of people in other countries—Larry, Viv or someone else from Down Under
just authorize Lisa and Karen to make it happen?
They will make the calls on behalf of our Board
both recipient and fund raising side of it—a fund that would be used for such scholarships—coordinate with our annual ask?
Will we ask people for gifts, or the various institutes?
just give money from our treasury, and then in our ask letter saying we did that
it would bring in a substantial amount more than the normal ask
we have almost 5900 in the account
We won't state the amount to the others
$500 now, and could do $500 later if needed
Lisa will keep on top of the need as Access Queen
We agreed upon the $500 for now

Ask letter

Annual give letter
a lot of people who cannot get or post to oslist
it goes to our membership list and another of about 600+
Christine will invite Suzanne Daigle personally
What can we invite?
wikipedia, blog, ning, think with us about be of service to OS emerging in the southern hemisphere—nurture it, see what our role can be
Christine's letter last year was one of most effective
we could invite people to the monthly board call
Christine will do the first draft; Lisa will be a sounding board

Sub group to talk about online presence

sub group to meet before April meeting
wants to talk about the concept of it—what's our presence, what do we wish to do, what do we want to be?
Therefore more board members at first level
Christine will be happy to be part
Lisa might be able to help
Karen is willing to help
Ed is very interested, too, but time might be limited

Gabriel parting gift

We will give him an earth candle
Peggy will take care of that

Annual meeting: last year and this year

Last year did not go too well
not a lot of participation from board or others
Should not totally give up on this
Maestro now also has web based platform, too.
idea is fantastic, but key is who has the energy for it?
perhaps some similar technology
include with the online presence conversation

Other matters

Bootstrapping and a conscious raising of awareness that leaves skills behind with people for hosting conversations that matter


potential for “strategic collaboration in open space community”
annual meeting
web presence
brian endowment
annual invite letter
thank you Gabriel

Next meeting: April 16th