Minutes of OSI—USA Board Meeting, Friday, March 31, 2006

Attended: Peggy, Gabriel, Doug, Mikk, John, Karen

Check-ins: Mikk--“Open Space for doing nothing;” John--baby is doing well; Gabriel--Doing some stuff with The Flow Game Doug: will take minutes

Annual Letter: Peggy will work on it and send it out, working from the last version of the letter. Probably without further feedback from the Board.

Tree—we should all take some time to hold as an expectation that the letter will do its work well.

OsonOSinUS?: Doug: Harrison's seems like it is going; does it make sense to do another with Harrison's North American?

Tree—Does anybody have the energy to do it?

Doug—I think the Moscow thing puts a strain on my energy; maybe wait till 2007; I'll continue to follow up on it with some of people who attended.

Tree—Would there be more energy for a biennial OSonOSinUS??

Peggy announced that Ric Giardina—who was on the board for two years; now very active with the National Speakers Association—OS is becoming a big thing in NSA. But he had a conflict for this month, will be joining us next month

Karen joined us.

Access Queen: confirmed we are going to do this work through OSI—USA again.

Gabriel—maybe we could make some use of Linked-In or something similar; a professional networking site; you can fill out a profile and tell about yourself with simple functionality for inviting people into your network; can do a search for who knows the people you want to meet.

Doug—I'm wondering if we can do an OST keyword? How would it relate to the map?

Gabriel—will see if Michael Pannwitz might want to connect the two together.

Peggy—Recently a group of 8 met at my house--a gathering of “girl geeks,”--to grow The World Café community. They got excited about our Map. Might make the map a cross-practice map, which can point into different practices of The Change Handbook

Gabriel—and bring in Google maps?

Peggy—aggregate with girl geeks or do it separately

Gabriel—treat it like a brainstorm session, and I'll get a group together.

How to make OS stories more visible: Kerry had said we should take the lead and post the most passionate ones somewhere.

Peggy—OSW.org has a whole collection of “Open Space Stories.” But it does not have tags. Could we find a way to tag them and then have the ones with the most hits bubble up to the top?

Gabriel—del.icio.us—an online bookmark library. People can share their links with other people. We could set up a list of story links; other people can add their own tags to their links.

Gabriel—Also we could do dynamic web pages to pull info from Google, for example; Google alert—sends e-mails of new stories. You could combine a set of del.icio.us links and Google alerts and be alerted when new things pop up.

Tree—why are we wanting to do this?

Peggy—started with where is the passion around this work.

Doug—stories that raise some passion and excitement—that are world changing.

Karen—stories that were classics, too.

Tree—stories of doing something new and different.

Gabriel—PRWeb—do press releases electronically. What kinds of things might we like to put out through this kind of media to get out the word via non-OST-traditional means.

Doug—Imams and Rabbis story?

Gabriel—would have to put the press release together, figure out where we want to drive traffic, then decide how much to spend on it.

Doug—Could send to osw.org site.

Gabriel—map might be good; or stories about OST.

Mikk—I'll review the list and see what are the questions that are asked repeatedly

Gabriel—the question is what is the back end support?

Peggy—put at top of bin for next time.

Karen—collaboration with other OS Institutes should be in the bin as well; Kerry and I will report out.

John asked: Does anyone know of any online registration services? Tree: Survey Monkey. Gabriel—I have another.