Board Meeting, July 27, 2007:

Present: Peggy, Tree, Karen, Phelim, Doug, Lisa

Doug to take notes

Lisa to moderate

Moment of silence: Think of what you would be dancing....

Peggy: non-profit report for Washington State has been completed and filed.

Lisa: General membership meeting in September: Phelim, Doug, Lisa, Karen will all be attending. Peggy will send us some financial info to share and reports.

Pay Michael for his Webhost work: have about $6,000 in the account now; thank you gift of say $1,000; ddg: is it enough? Honorarium rather than a payment. Passed. Peggy will send the $1,000.

Lisa: Changing meeting time to Thursday: We agreed to make it the last Thursday of each month. That would be August 30th—instead, we will make it at OSonOS by the Sea annual meeting; September 27th is then our next regular meeting.

Doug 501(c)(3) question: We are making progress; about 75% through the research and getting experienced people together on the results. May have some factual questions to resolve, likely with Peggy. Several members suggested we re-title the bin item, to: two issues relating to 501(c)(3) non profit status. Making grants to and paying individuals.

Karen: Haiti and FOSonOS?: Peggy had a conversation with someone on this—it is in process—have not written them a check yet—they are still getting organized; FOSonOS? is for Frankophones: totally in French in Quebec; some folks from Haiti are coming (for some of whom we have provided funds).

Karen: What is going deeper? Lisa: Sharing what you are doing and what the weather is can help people feel connected in the virtual meeting. Tree: can use a virtual talking stick—now I'm putting the stick back in the center; slows the conversation. Lisa: a word or two about what they are feeling at the beginning and end of the call. Tree: send out pictures to one another.

Lisa: Open Space online: Phelim: found the count down as we got toward the end was frustrating, it did not feel like OS time—I'd like an override button. Tree: I went to see friends and in my group there were no names I recognized. Lisa: One man wanted to work on improving safety in hospitals, and the session had very good intimacy. Karen: any ideas we can use or sponsor it again next year? We decided to encourage Gabrielle Ender to do that again next year. Tree will tell Gabrielle our wishes.

Lisa: Update on WOSonOS2008 '08: Date will probably be July 23 Wednesday evening, then 24th, 25th, and half day 26th (Saturday); Tuesday and Wednesday Lisa will be doing a training; Launch of 3rd edition of User's Guide will be the same date. Harrison's daughter is getting married about that time.

The bin:

  1. Open Space Institute Going Deeper (Christine)
  2. Training next generation of facilitators (Kerry, Christine)
  3. Making grants and payments to individuals and its effect upon our 501(c)(3) (US Tax free) status (Doug)
  4. U.S. website for practitioners (Kerry)
  5. Linking videos on You Tube and other portals. (Kerry)
  6. 10 year OSI anniversary! (Kerry)
  7. Haiti @ FOSonOS? Report (Karen)
  8. WOSonOS2008 '08 update (Lisa)
  9. Update on OSonOS by the Sea and membership meeting (Karen)