Board Notes--OSI-US January 15, 2010

Present: Peggy, Harold, Doug, Lisa, Karen, Ed (Harold has joined the Board)

Started with silence, then check-ins.

Doug will be taking notes for us today.


John Engle is there with wife and two children
Might be premature to offer to send fund now
We can ask John to let us know what they need when they have some ideas.
Some posts have already been made on Ning and other organization sites
Let's coordinate through John for outreach
Support them to do what they can do.
Peggy prepared and sent, with Board approval, a note asking what help might be needed

Annual meeting follow up:

We put this back in the bin

Ning donations:

at the request of the site design team, we don't want U.S. to be too large a presence; we merely want U.S. people to know they can donate through us and get tax deduction

we have not yet responded to the site design team

are we taking an admin fee?

Admin fees are income for us; in this case it has to do with our core work

Are these on top of Pay Pal fees?

We need to be explicit

It probably is on top of Pay Pal fee.

One member is in favor of no admin fee because it is so close to our mission

We have been charging Access Queen 10%

One member: We should be consistent, but don't like either one of these two having a fee

Another member: let's take care of time and expense; if small, then there should be no fee; otherwise minimal: should not make money out of it.

Another member is of two minds; what else might be coming up?

Another member: It is reasonable either way.

Another member is not pulled strongly either way

Decision: Drop the admin fee for Access Queen and the Ning site, on the principle that it is close to our mission, and commensurate with the costs and efforts to administer.

Lisa will contact the design team and have Artur work with Peggy to work out the mechanics of transfers.


The meeting concluded with check-outs

Next meeting, February 19, 2010


elect new board, including Harold Shinsato
clean up .net site;
sf osonos posted;
edits on blog;
osius blog;
disambiguation page on wikipedia;
World open space calls;
osius annual meeting follow up