OSI-US Board Meeting January 26, 2007
Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Mark your calendars - - NEXT MEETING: March 16 11a PST / 7:00 GMT (usual time - BUT is COMBINED February-March meeting (so no February meeting - and please note the earlier-in-the-month date for this March meeting)

Present: Ed Laboy, Gabriel Shirley, Mikk Sarv, Tree Fitzpatrick, Peggy Holman, John Engle, Karen Davis, Christine Whitney Sanchez, Lisa Heft -- Absent: Ric Giardina, Phelim Mc Dermott, Douglas Germann Sr., Kerry Napuk -- Notes-taker: Lisa Heft

We began by sharing a moment of silence together.

1. Annual ‘Ask’ Letter (Peggy, Tree) - included in this topic - fundraising / announcing requests for proposals from Askers wishing to go to OSonOS Kiev

Discussion of a premium for donating higher amounts.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Agreement that those who donate $250 USD and higher will receive a copy of The Change Handbook -- $500 and up gets you a signed copy (!). Agreement that Breakpoint Books (our distributor) will ship the majority of these so there is no burden on Peggy to fulfill so many orders - Peggy is happy to sign and ship the $250-and-up donation premiums.

Discussion of ‘Ask letter’ (membership renewal / inviting new membership letter). Review of Tree’s draft letter.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Include worldwide support / connections / partners / members, move a few key points up including direct link to pay. Thanks to Tree for her great work - and she will send around a next draft.

Part 2 on this -- timing to invite people on OSLIST to send requests for funding for OSonOS 2007 Kiev in May. Invitation must go out immediately to align with OSonOS Kiev date. Note that this is partial funding as requestors are invited to find multiple sources of funding. Last year we gave more money and this year the OSonOS is happening sooner -- so we have less money in the overall pool.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Tree will post that announcement on the OSLIST (based on text she’ll find from past announcements). Deadline for submitting a request for funding will be March 12. Agreement to hold our next Board call (merging our Board call February+March) to review any requests that come in on March 16.

2. International Co-hosting Call (Karen)

The subject for this call - Exploring the possibility of collaboration among the Institutes and supporting annual international OSonOSs? (knowing there are also regional OSonOSs?). Tentative date February 22 (8 am EST) - Karen, Larry Peterson and Brian Bainbridge have been in email conversations with folks from several countries about these topics. Enthusiastic discussion also of creating-facilitating a co-hosted international newsletter. 1-2 people being invited from each of the OS Iinstitutes or groups (for example if in a region not yet served by an Institute there and is a thriving OS community). Lisa has been invited as Access Queen; Karen and Peggy will represent OSI(US). For Haiti, John is talking with Fremy about who may best be included as the call will be in English. Depending on what happens on this call, this would in future calls open wider to anyone who wants to come (original idea was to connect the groups of people who come together regularly such as Institutes and other similar groups). Invitation is for Institutes and similar groups because of the topic of this particular discussion, which is meant to indeed be inclusive. Inclusivity is also about capacity (technological, time, etc.) Looked at Skype which creates problems for a number of people this time, so it will be a conference call. Understand and honor the delicacy between logistical-technological ability and being able to open up this call to anyone / any number who wish to come. Lisa in Access Queen mode also is dedicated to holding space for / trying to add thoughts representing those who are not present.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Invitation also includes provision for those who cannot afford a calling card and OSI-US will provide coverage for those who indicate they cannot afford this if we do end up with a pay-for-call system for this meeting. Karen will continue to work on this project with Brian and Larry.

3. Training next generation of facilitators (Kerry, Christine)

Kerry and Christine are in conversation about this. Lisa also continues her interest in and support of this as she trains and mentors young facilitators.

4. Lovely Mikk

Mikk is feeling that his time with the OSI-US Board may be coming to a close - it has been very helpful to be part of OSI-US Board for these last few years - March 16 will be his last OSI-US Board meeting. He feels the fundraising letters have been very smart, very beautiful - so smart and with such a big open hearted invitation - and our monthly Board meetings have shown how it is possible to have meetings with such a deep group of people who are based in such different locations - such a wonderful experience. Now it may be time for him to meet face to face with his local group of practitioners to continue holding space for Open Space in the world - and he will keep in touch with us by reading our minutes on the web. We feel blessed and enriched by his presence and very much look forward to learning with and from him - in person and otherwise - at every next opportunity.

BIN for March 16 OSI(US) Board meeting:

1. Annual Ask Letter (Tree)
2. International Co-Hosting Call (Karen)
3. Making individual grants from a 501(c)3 (non-profit organization) (Doug)
4. Training next generation of facilitators (Kerry, Christine)
5. U.S. website for practitioners (Kerry)
6. Creation of resources: testimonials, evaluations, for helping facilitators promote and market OS to potential clients (Doug, Ed, Ric)
7. Guidestar (was Peggy - still is? is current?)