Attending: Peggy Holman Doug Germann Karen Davis Christine Whitney Sanchez Gabriel Shirley Ed Laboy

Started with silence

Christine is doing the notes, with Doug posting some starting notes to the wiki (this page)

Proceeded with check-ins


No bin from last month.

BIN emerged:

Accomplishments & Intentions

Ask letter • Christine will send her personal ask letter out to the OSList, including that we are one of many OSI's that are holding space around the world (first paragraph) • Peggy will make revisions to the letter - will include links to accomplishments and intentions, and send it around for edits. Then Peggy will send it out to the 700+ folks on the OSI-US distribution list.

Stories Newsletter • Peggy spoke with Joelle about the possibility of there being interest in the Stories Newsletter. • Joelle wrote the invitation • If she is willing to do it, it would be terrific to get something out again to the 700 people who are on the OSI distribution list • Do the ask letter first then Peggy will send the stories invitation.

GS Video • 40 copies of the GS video are now in the bookstore. Michael Herman will be able to post the description of the video on the site within the next week

Board Minutes Posted • Ed will take the notes from last month, remove the personal check-ins and will post the summary

Climate Space • CONCEPT – The folks who are activists in this area know what they want to do but don’t have the process skills. Trying to get folks together around that. • May see various process folks to play together. • Had a Skype call a couple of weeks ago with one to come in a couple of weeks. Folks from Australia, Canada, US, Switzerland getting acquainted and finding out what everyone is doing. • Listserv that is moderated through NCCD is getting the most play – folks are contacting Doug, it’s gaining some momentum. • Folks in Australia seem to be doing things – the rest of us are talking about them. • Doug may attend the Copenhagen conference that is the next step beyond Kyoto. • There will be something at Becky’s university in the Northern Hemisphere’s fall • Karen thinks the Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook Team will be interested