OSI-US Board Meeting December 30, 2005 Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Present: Peggy Holman, Karen Davis, Tree Fitzpatrick, Kerry Napuk, John Engle, Lisa Heft, Douglas Germann Sr. - - Absent:, Mikk Sarv, Gabriel Shirley - - Notes-taker: Lisa Heft

1. Michael Herman’s resignation from the Board (Lisa, John)

John reflects that Michael had envisioned about a year’s service on the Board - he feels pretty good about moving on. Doug describes the same sense after communicating with Michael.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Peggy wants is awaiting a conversation with Michael, after which she will take him out of the email distribution list for the Board.

Tree will track down the gift we discussed. Agreement that we will gift Michael with that as a warm thanks for his service to the Board.

2. Webspace and World Service Market (John)

Michael Herman has been developing the Responsibility World Market on the Initiatives page on osworld.org and is still working on it. When Michael revamped the osworld.org website it energized some people to join a conference call. 4-5 people (Doug recalls joining Ted, MH, Ashley) talked about the website; John imagines a broader invitation will occur to invite others to talk about OS and technology in general. John recalls the original intent was a once-a-month conference call occurring for several months. Plus Michael has invited people on the OSLIST to get involved. We agreed that site update looks good and note that it is still a wiki therefore it is possible to edit with key words. Click on @ sign at top, go to preferences and log in.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

We are retiring this topic from the Bin as it’s all going well with an assortment of people helping and John and the OSLIST will keep us updated.

3. Summary Practice Booklet (Doug, Lisa)

The idea here is to help increase the usage of OS by making a quick and accessible sort of ‘field guide’ to help people put together OS meetings quickly and easily if they cannot access books or workshops. Doug notes that Michael has offered to let us use his invitation guide - he and Doug will talk in a few weeks about melding that into the User’s Guide to create a booklet. Lisa mentioned a few existing tools she has - the Open Space Idea Book (which can be made into an e-book if someone tells her how to do this). The “Brief Brief Guide” which is a few Harrison articles merged into a 5-page document with his approval. Plus a 2-email tutorial for someone in the field just to read and see how to do the meeting. Peggy also mentioned a 2-page piece by Anne Stadler on how to do an OS - available on Peggy’s website. Karen also recommends’ Michael Herman’s Global Chicago website.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

As requested Lisa will send everyone the “Brief Brief Guide” and the email tutorial.

Doug will look on Peggy’s website and is talking with Michael about existing items he has as well.

Lisa has renamed this “OS Field Guide” for the Bin.

4. How to make OS stories visible (all)

This is about making great OS stories more accessible and getting them out to a wider-than-OSfolks audience (more than OSfolks). World-changing, culture-changing, high passion OS stories from across the globe. “Aha” stories. ‘Extraordinary stories from around the world’ or ‘Stories of passion from os’. A place like ohmynews where great stories bubble to the top and some sort of invitation and incentive is associated with posting items there.

Questions: What sort of technical expertise required? Manage it or have some automatic management system? The idea is to have some stories rise to the top (most hits? most impact? though it is hard to have someone decide for others what is most impact when the quietist little story could have made a huge impact on the people who experienced it). How to make it rank high on web searches done by non OS types (change makers, systems thinkers, all kinds of people)

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Doug will ask OSLIST to reflect on what are the “aha” OS stories they recall.

Kerry proposes to contact the Institutes around the world to ask if they would like to contact their members for extraordinary stories.

NEXT MEETING: January 27 11a PST / 7:00 GMT (usual time)

BIN for January 27 OSI(US) Board meeting:

1. How to make OS stories more visible (all)
2. “OS Field Guide” (Doug, Lisa)