Notes from OSI conf. call 12/30/04

(submitted by John)

Present: Mikk, Michael, Doug, John and Peggy

Next call: January 28 (Friday), 2005 11:00 am pacific time.

1)Annual letter and fund appeal - Decided to keep fund appeal separate from accomplishments and intentions.

2)Research project - Peggy - Chris Corrigan has set up a blog and Michael Pannewitz and colleagues wish to help with interviewing. Peggy will keep us posted.

3)OS World Service Market (name still evolving)

4)Birthday Planning - Michael will be in touch with Ethelyn (Harrison's wife) to scheme.

5)Education Wiki - Mikk is working with Estonia Ministry of Education in role of promoting environmental education and in using nature to help foster learning about mathematics, science, etc. Mikk is proposing that we do a second annual wiki weekend on education which can foster collective learning among international community and can also encourage Estonia Ministry of Education in particular as they explore the use of Open Space in environmental education and in using the environment to faciliate education. Mikk will draft a letter announcing wiki weekend on education inviting people to post stories. John volunteered to review Mikk's draft before it is posted on OSLIST. OSI will endorse Mikk's initiative.

6)AI/OS/FS (Future Search) Education Collaboration - John - There are 8 eight of us from around the world who are part of this conversation. We've now created a listserv to facilitate exchange among ourselves and have another conference call schedule. We're calling this: Schools and Youth Summit. Kerry and Lisa, along with John, are a part of this.

We're aware that Leon was not with us but never indicated he would not be with us. John will be in touch with him.