Board Notes - OSI:USA August 19th Christine, Doug, Peggy, Lisa, Ed

F2F in November: Seattle:YES

Nov. 13 to 16th
Meet and greet Friday evening
Free homestays
Who are we, why are we here, what do we really intend to do
And what are our plans for doing what we intend to do?
And what arenít we?
What is the future of OSI/USA and what we want to create?
DECISION: we will fund what people need to get there, organize details by email, finalize meeting planning next month

Promise USA

Can Christine list OSI/USA as a coalition partner? YES

Coalition partner: we would invite OS community to join us, volunteer as conversational host, social networks, technology anchors, media connectors and other roles that will no doubt emerge.

If we could get our collective act together, all these different communities of practices with 501(c)(3) and put it together, could engage in service of a singular thrust, have a meaningful impact if we all come together. Take action, observable, tangible. A whole lot to increase interest in what we do.

What criteria if we are asked to endorse?
Underserved areas
Leverage efforts
Infrastructure: existing capacity, network of people, i.e. we are not building capacity, there is an existing capacity
Where other groups have already made investments. . .
Who has endorsed the project
And who is doing it? Known or proven experience?
BIN what are our criteria? We could further address this on the retreat.

Although we are called OSI/USA, we are serving OS worldwide, not just USA. Keep in mind.

Office of Public Engagement

Christine does not see much openness or much broad dialogue.

Rethinking product

Corporate DVD:itís out of the bin. Eldon will get in touch when he is ready
OSI trainers to underserved

Girl Scout DVD: Christine would like to work with Gabriel to make that free. We all agreed

Access Queen

IF, as WOSonOS? draws near, AQ sees a specific dollar need, she will come to us.

BIN: We have traditionally held our annual, required by law, member meeting, at WOSonOS?. How do we do our member meeting this year?

NEXT MONTH: September 18th, 10:30 Pacific Time (1:30 East Coast)