OSI-US Board Meeting April 26, 2005 Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Present: Peggy Holman, Kerry Napuk, Mikk Sarv, Doug Germann Sr., Karen Davis, Lisa Heft, Gabriel Shirley, John Engle - - Notes-taker: Lisa Heft

1. Requests for OSonOS support (all)

Fremy is the only request received so far. Mikk is thinking of making a request (Mikk also participated in 2003 OSonOS with OSI-US support). As one of our strategic initiatives, OSI-US has been funding partial travel costs (sometimes other costs) to OSonOS for folks fitting the criteria as money has been available. Some discussion of Access Queen - OSI-US is fiscal agent for Access Queen. Access Queen acts as announcer of who has / who needs resources; also as coach, plus interacts with OSonOS host teams to lower costs for Askers. Note that AQ includes people NOT applicable for OSI-US criteria (such as low-income Askers from the USA). A note that individuals doing direct person-to-person exchange cannot claim tax deduction.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

2. PayPal? vs. OSI credit card processing (Peggy)

We pay $25US per month for having credit card processing. The PayPal? transaction cost per transaction is higher but overall costs are lower. Switching to PayPal? is still tax deductible because people still pay to OSI-US. PayPal? is very secure. Also switching makes our work easier. Website changes will have to be made.

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3. Dee Dickenson story / Educational Summit(John, Kerry)

Dee is from New Horizons for Learning; offered a place to put an article about OS and education. New Horizons has published a piece on OS in Haiti. Kerry has proposed a workshop at the World Youth Congress on OS and AI; waiting to hear back about that.

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4. Bylaws (Doug)

First Doug, and then John have made some recommendations for word changes and has sent that to us all for comment.

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5. HO Birthday

Conversation on the ‘HO birthday list’ that something will happen in Berlin when HO is there on his birthdate, says Doug. We’ll probably do something in Halifax, too at OSonOS.

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6. Estonia education wiki (Mikk)

There will be a short international Open Space summit regarding this in April. On September 8-10 there will be a larger meeting.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

NEXT MEETING: May 26, 2005

Please note that this meeting will be at 9:00am PST (2 hours earlier than usual)

BIN for May 26 OSI(US) Board meeting:

1. (all) Requests for OSonOS support
2. (Doug) Bylaws
3. (Doug, Karen) Latest news regarding HO birthday plans
4. (Michael) World Service Market
5. (John, Kerry) Dee Dickenson story / Educational Summit
6. (all) Income generation
7. (Karen, John) Wish list call: what people want to see happening under OSI umbrella - inviting responsibility to seek passion.

8. (Mikk) Estonia Education wiki - keep this in BIN for July or August conversation