Notes on a Telephone Conversation:

OS World and Worldwide OSonOS February 12, 2008

Participants: Thomas Herrmann (Facilitator); Karen Davis; Gail West; Brian Bainbridge; Brendan McKeague?; John Engle; Peggy Holman; Gerard Muller; Lisa Heft, Mikk Sarv, Larry Peterson (Note-taker).

Summary: Thomas again ably facilitated the session asking us to draw a circle and add names around the circle both to indicate who is involved and thus establish the circle for talking. As other¡¯s were joining Thomas asked us to pick an object in our personal space and talk to its meaning for this conversation. As for our focused discussion, we began with an update on the 08 WOSonOS2008 in San Francisco and then discussed other upcoming locations. We then explored the developments in Harrison¡¯s upcoming travel with regard to book releases. We then shared other recent developments in the OS World network before our closing circle.

WOSonOS2008¡¯s: San Francisco 08

Lisa Heft gave an update on San Francisco:

Three registrations at the time of this call. The Website for the event is being developed. She was soon to seek sponsors to help underwrite the event. She wants people to send in registration early to help generate operating expenses There will be more in the OS List Taiwan will have a strong contingent in San Francisco to propose 2009 Australia also plans to have 8-9 participants Reminder: the Access Queen can develop support for any9oine who wished to join and needs a little extra help

Future WOSonOS2008 Events:

2009: Gail and the Taipei planning committee have been working on 2009. The dates are to be mid to late October given that it is much cooler than in summer.

2010: We acknowledged that even though not one from Germany was on the call they are still proposing Berlin and will do so at the event. Gerard has talked with the Hungarians planning the World Wide OD summit in 2010 but has had no response. Karen believes they may still offer to host and event there. Mikk believes that the network in Estonia is getting close to being ready.

Mikk raised the concern that the Kyiv Proceedings have not yet been posted on the OS World site.

Harrison's Travel

Harrison is planning to travel with regard to the two new books he is releasing: One is the 3rd Edition of the User's Guide which will be released in San Francisco this July. The second book will be the one currently titled as (Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a self Organizing World). He is planning a trip to Europe in November and then to Australia and Asia in March/April? (2009). Comments were as follows:

-- Brian is developing visits to Perth and Melbourne and going after corporate sector support

-- Thomas stated that OS Sweden is exploring the idea

-- Gerard commented that if Sweden is organizing something then maybe he could arrange something with the Dutch Community

-- Mikk said that Estonia would want to connect

-- Lisa mentioned Harrison¡¯s difficulties with plane travel and Gerard asked if we could cooperate to make the trip more enjoyable.

Some World OS updates:

-- Australia: New interactive web site being developed. Going to write to the new Prime Minister to suggest the use of OS for leader¡¯s gatherings

-- Canada: At a recent call it was confirmed that the R¨¦seau Francophone Forum Ouvert (RFFO) will function within Open Space Institute of Canada and a group member and will encourage individuals to also be members. The details of group membership are to be clarified.

-- Sweden: Open Space Circles are meeting for a half-day, once a month. The members have grown closer. There has also been some real impact on the school system with regard to conflict resolution (something learned from Brendan).

-- Korea: Stanly Park recently e-mailed Gail saying that he had stated a weekly OS Forum there.

-- Estonia: They are planning more OS meetings. They are to work with the Green Party to do an OS Monthly on different environmental issues with an expected 50-100 participants.

The following were the contacts invited. Those with an * were able to join this call.

1. Australia OSI: Brian S Bainbridge*, Brendan McKeague?*

2. Canada OSI: Diane Gibeault, Larry Peterson *

3. USA OSI: Peggy Holman *, Karen Davis *

4. Germany: Michael M Pannwitz,Jo Toepfer

5. Haiti: Fremy Cesar, John Engle *

6. Sweden: Thomas Herrmann*, Eva P Svensson

7. Denmark: Gerard Mueller*

8. Israel: Tova Averbuch

9. Estonia: Mikk Sarv*

10. UK: Kerry Napuk, Lin Grist

11. Russia: Galina Tsarkova

12. Taiwan: Gail West*,Laura Hsu

13. Ukraine: Yana Demenko,Bohdan Maslych

14. San Fransisco: Lisa Heft *

15. China: Mark Pixley

16. France: Philippe Slioussarenko