Minutes from Worldwide Teleconference Conversation 2008-06-12 Participants: Diane Gibeault, Larry Peterson, Karen Davis, Joe Toepfer, Michael M Pannwitz, Brian Bainbridge, Gail West, Eva P Svensson, Peggy Holman

Facilitator: Fr Brian S Bainbridge Note taker: Eva P Svensson

1. WOSonOS2008 in San Francisco Lisa is asking for help in terms of funds and fundraising, there have been some requests to the USI about help to attend the WOSonOS2008 this year. There is some surplus from the world map and Michael M Pannwitz will write to Lisa and remind her about an offer from the world map about the possibility that people who need funding from the world map to either contact Michael direct or via Lisa.

There are so far approximately 45 people from 14 countries that were registered a couple of weeks ago for San Francisco.

2. WOSonOS2008 locations after San Francisco: 2009 Taiwan will make an offer for 2009 ¡V the energy is high and they are very excited about having the event there 2009. 2010 We talked about Europe 2010, Berlin and Hungary have been ¡§on the wall¡¨ before. There will be an O.D Summit with a number of different disciplines in Hungary in 2010. But for the moment we have not heard from anyone in the Hungarian community to come forward with a wish or consideration about hosting WOSonOS2008 at the time. There will most likely be a pre proposal in S.F from Berlin ¡V Berlin would like to host the event in 2010. Last year in Kiev in the teleconference we kind of set both the pace of 2 years ahead planning period and the rhythm of the locations worldwide; North America, ¡§somewhere else¡¨, and then Europe. And by that it seems it¡¦s Europe¡¦s ¡§time¡¨ after Taiwan ¡V provided that Taiwan is endorsed for 2009 of course. We concluded that it is important that there is a real irresistible proposal to be presented at the current WOSonOS2008 , both the organizers and participant¡¦s need to have time to plan ahead. Brian volunteered to put forward the Berlin offer in SFO. Brian, Gail, Larry and Eva will be in S.F Larry will write to the OSLIST about why we do have this two years lead-time.

3. Possibility of having a ¡§call-in- Session¡¨ like in Kiev? The purpose of that meeting seems to have to do with the need to have a 2 years planning. Joe reported that it did something to the energy in the group ¡V when half the group ¡§disappeared¡¨ ¡V it took people away from the continuing conference. Since the 2 year planning and the rotation between the places ¡V Europe, N America, ¡§others¡¨ is ¡§agreed upon¡¨, there is maybe no need to do the conference call again in SFO. One reason to do a teleconference on the other hand is to show that there is a bigger group that is concerned about WOSonOS2008 than the group assembled at the actual place. We concluded that no conference call is needed at WOSonOS2008 2008.

4. Wave rider - Harrison¡¦s tour The schedule right now for Europe looks like this Nov 2008 Nov 1 ¡V Istanbul Nov 7 ¡V Italy Nov 13 ¡V Amsterdam Nov 22-24 Berlin ¡V already 11 participants! Nov 28 ¡V Uppsala

In March-April 2009, it will be Australia. And Canada and N.Y will most likely get on the tour as well at some appropriate time (not yet decided). To help each other promote the event, we will support and link to each other¡¦s web pages.

A great activity to do for example in San Francisco is to put together a list or stories of where the tour will go and later what influences it has given, since Harrison will cover a big part of the world. In some parts of the world it may be easier to contact Amazon.com to have them deliver the books than to contact Berrett Koehler ¡V and in some places the contact with local agents works fine.

5. Other OS - activities Diane reported that in Switzerland they are in the startup to form local OS communities Michael sees an ongoing need for open space trainings ¡V one week long ¡V they will have 20 people in July in Ukraine ¡V in Belfast Sept/Oct? ¡V they are also encouraging local groups to continue the OST spirit! Brian sees a huge break out in Australia there are extra training programs ¡V and for the first time ever in Sydney. Brian¡¦s OSI-OZ Newsletter is a great source for news about OS in Australia and rest of the world. Canada ¡V prefer the teleconferences instead of newsletters ¡V a good idea is to create a sub group to deal with the technical ¡§things¡¨. The ¡§Stammtich¡¨ is called circle and there are several of them around Canada. Eva reported that the Scandinavian OSonOS will be held in Norway on the 8th ¡V 9th of August.

Michael reminded about the open space ¡§Worldscape¡¨ coming from the German community where they highlight the locations and in what fields OST is being used. It is a way to market OST; the database can handle text, reports, pictures etc. There is also info about venues etc - www.openspaceworldscape.org/ There is a small fee involved in having your event shown on the ¡§Worldscape¡¨ so as to get the website running. The fee is shared among the participants and right now each event costs about 1 dollar for being listed for six months ¡V the more events- the cheaper it will become ƒº. It¡¦s up to each facilitator to check with their sponsor that it is OK to place the information there. No problem up till now.

Next meeting will be organized by Karen after WOSonOS2008 in San Francisco ¡V approximately mid September. Eva will send this document to Karen and Larry, Karen will distribute to the rest. We closed the circle and thanked each other for pleasant time together.

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