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 </p><P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825095.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825112.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825118.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825121.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825127.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825071.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825078.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825087.jpg"></P>

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=360 SRC="http://www.tedernst.com/OSonOS11/Bild030825089.jpg"></P>

Here are 9 photos from Bramstrup. Perhaps someone could put captions on them. If you edit this page, please note that I've used some html coding to make the photos smaller and centered here. If you add captions, you could do it at the very top or bottom of the page and I would paste them into place if you don't know how to put them into the code. --MichaelHerman

WONDERFUL pictures! Thank you! NancyWhite

More photos posted elsewhere... http://www.syst.nl/Actueel/OSONOS11.htm

2004 - Sorry about this, but the webhost used by TedErnst went out of buisiness and therefore the photos are gone. Perhaps someone else would like to host the photos?

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