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Online Comments:

Issue:How to practice inspired organisation? individually and organisationally ?

Convenor: Anette Hartvig Larsen

Participants: Marianne, Helene, Annette, Michael, Britt Toke and - alexander bumblebee.

Summary of the meeting:


Individual first always ! Be present, show up, speak your truth and get out of the way

organisational: Be present yourself, practice conversation, Open and host good conversations, making the network work!

- Find the inspired organisation in the small stages

- Take the risks that are needed

- Recognize the inspired moments. Joy and nurture those moments when it happens

- Tell stories about when an d where it workes

- Work with the preconditions for inspired conversation and workspace to occur

- It takes maybe years; it is patient work. Get out if there isn't any progress

- Flow: control is a barrier

- Another barrier: conflicts under the surface; Should we agree with anyone?

- Invite evryone's contribution to help solve the problems and challenges

- Take responsiblity to inspire and get inspired

- Share your enthousiasm with your surroundings

- Ask about what inspires other individuals in th eorganization

- Be the vision

- If you are the vision, you can put a seed in the field of the organisation and you will be able to harvest afterwards

- Don't be afraid of the chaos; there is always a gift to be found there

- Be brave; courage to stand up for what you feel is important

- To be with collegues is a relief

- To create inspired organisations could be a lot of work; but do we have a choice?

Follow up:

Online Comments:

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