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Yesterday, August 2, I introduced a new text in the SpiritofOST page and created 3 new sub-pages. Not being a native of English, writing in English is quite complex for me and it is very easy to make mistakes, namely changing one word to a different one that sounds "similar" in MY own language. So, I have printed everything and gone to bed.

This morning I re-read everything and took some notes of (many) English errors I wanted to correct today and then opened the Wiki.

And not only did I find there were already some comments made to my writings of yesterday, but also, when I edited the text to make the English corrections, I discovered that someone had been so kind as to correct many of my English mistakes - and probably even some that I would never have discovered by myself ;-)

I have not tried to discover who did the corrections, but I want to thank you each, and anyone of those that could have made them! All of you, English "natives", are very welcome to correct my English mistakes, whenever you see them...

Indeed that is something that must be added as an advantage of Wiki versus say mailing lists. In mailing lists it is normally only after I receive the message back that I discover the errors. And, in a non-moderated list, no one has the possibility to correct them. And it would be silly to send a correction afterwards...

So, I suppose that "correcting the English errors of non English speakers" is an important form of co-creation and justifies the recognition of a special type of WikiGnome.

And makes us, non natives of the English language, much more confortable with speaking out. Much better than a "translation"


PS: little and kind gnome - you now have one more page to work out... Thanks.

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