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Issue: Open Space Walk: What is leadership?

Convenor: Nuran Yigit

Participants: Michael P., Jessica, ?

Summary of the meeting: We had a woderful walk trough the fields close to our place. Nuran told about the project she is working in. It is called "Peer Leadership Training for democracy education". The concept is based on peer to peer education, where young people learn from each other better because they are more authentic in how they speak and act, know the real emerging issues and speaks the same 'language'. The aim of the project is by using this idea to open and democratise school from the perspective of the youngsters. They will go through a training to be able to establish and implement their own project ideas. What do they think, what and how should be done e.g. against discrimination or mobbing? The structure of the training is, that a limited amount of young people go through a 2 years programme. On national level the whole group meets every 3 month to get new knowledge, competence trainings, exchange etc. On regional level they get coaching as individuals and as a group from the regional coordinator.

For more information you can go to the page www.peerleaders.de (but it is in german).

Michael also intriduced the medicine wheel, where beside leadership other qualities are also important.

Nuran will introduce and discuss the medicine wheel to the peerleaders. What do youngsters think about those images???

After the exchange of that project we started to talk from this and that. We left the street and continued by walking directly in the field and flew around like a group of butterflys...


Follow up:

Online Comments:

Hi Nuran: I have been working with Aboriginal Youth in Open Space doing both trainings conferences. Some notes and proceedings can be found here http://www.globalchicago.net/wiki/wiki.cgi?VancouverPracticeWorkshop and here http://www.globalchicago.net/wiki/wiki.cgi?WinnipegPracticeWorkshop.

Also work here on Bowen Island with youth leaders, documented here: http://www.globalchicago.net/cgi-bin/ashoka.cgi?PYEOpenSpace -- ChrisCorrigan

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