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Issue: Taking It Home or the After OS Blues

Convenor: KoosDeHeer

Participants: PaulEverett?, GabrieleBurkhardt?, TovaAverbuch?, MichaelMolenaar?, SheilaIsakson, JessieYenJuHsian?, GailWest?, ErichKolenaty?, MeravYanai, Shu-FangTsai, IlseDeblerGrant?, GerhardBizer, NuranYigit?

Summary of the meeting:

Things we experience here that are hard to let go of:

- Experience of love

- High energy, spirit

- Sense of belonging (be longing), family, home

Things elsewhere that make us miss OSonOS:

- Hard to convey to others what we experience here

- Different worlds

What to do about it:

- Think of the word belonging: it means to be longing. And if you are longing, it means that you belong. So the connection is already there.

- Accept that there is a time for reflection and a time for living your life and for action. You can't be reflecting all the time.

- Don't wait for the change in others (in your home environment). Be the change you wish to see.

- Remembering is to re-member, to know that you are a member. But do not remember as a way to live in the past. Use remembering as a way to remind yourself of the inspiration. Put the inspiration to work in everyday reality, don't use it for an escape.

- Keep in touch with others and the inspiration through the mailing list and through the proceedings of this conference.

- Find little ways to keep your inspiration alive: objects in your house or car, messages to yourself, little rituals etc.

- It may not always be easy, but are we searching for easy?

- Keep breathing

- Blue is the color of the 5th chackra, connected with communication and emotions. Communication is important, this sharing has been rich and valuable.

Follow up:

Online Comments:

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