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OS with Firtst Nations


Mikk Sarv


Mikk Sarv, Michael Pannwitz Jr

Summary of the meeting:

I was sitting for a while alone in tower of Bramstrup. It is a large space. I felt urge to take my flute and to play. The tower echoed to whatever sound came out from my flute. Even the quietest sounds were carefully preserved and carried on.

This made me to recall Practice of Peace, the notice, that self-organisation and OS has been around as long as there is Life and Universe around us. It is like a big tower, which catches and carries on whatever sound we make.

First Nations have thousands of years experience, how to explore this echoing. There is a lot to learn from their experiences. Yet more exiting is to continue together with them the learning expedition into OS.

At this moment Michael Pannwitz JR joined me. I shared, what I have experienced. We talk further about the different pace and sense of time flow. First Nations teach to be focused to now, to the real reality, what is just happening inside and outside. We are often trapped by secondary and tertiary realities. These are forcing us to do things, which sound together with someone’s will, which created these realities, not directly with the reality of Life and Universe.

Follow up:

We recalled idea from last day’s workshop of OSInNature? and the idea of walking OS. This and other ways how to organise OS in different conditions, for illiterate, for blind etc is good to gather together and to make available for the learning expedition.

We both continue the expedition and call along with us everybody, who is burning to learn from huge experience of First Nations about how to sound together in the OS of Life and Universe.

Online Comments:

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