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If you want to make any comments about these page please follow the link and make your comments at the discussion page on /OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS. This is only an extract from the dialogue at the OSonOSinSwenMark Caf. At first my intention was only to select the comments and reflections about "Onsite and Online Colaboration". But later I realized that that I could also show here the "evidence" of such colaboration. I have quoted and cutted freelly. Sorry for the ones that are not even mencioned here and the others I have truncated the words, but the idea was to have a summary. You will conclude (as I do) that I have not been able to do that. I will cut more tomorrow... Anyhow the full conversation is at /OSonOSCafe

August 22 - Pre-Conference

Friday morning here at Bramstrup. Brian Bainbridge, Eiwor, Gerard and me have just had breakfast. Now its time to start working... ThomasHerrmann

I think I may be WIKI'd out -- but here goes. It is breakfast time here in Maine, the geese and making a lof of noise, loons are calling, and I am sitting all by myself thinking of you guys. I know OSONOS will be its usual perfection, and I look forward to see what pops up here. Meanwhile, it is back to the geese and the loons. And a little real breakfast will help . . . Harrison Owen

Hi Thomas, Brian, Harrison and all. It is 12am in Lisbon, Portugal, and I look forward to profit from Wiki to be as much in contact as I can to OSonOSinSwenMark and make some online connections. Have a nice meeting in Bramstrup and please keep us informed... ArturSilva

Hi Harrison and Artur, great to meet you here! I'm just now writing the first ever message from the computor station in the Barn at Bramstrup. We have three tables put up in a triangle, looks nice. It's up and working which is a relief. Regards ThomasHerrmann


Yep, I'm here too. Getting ready. Have made a few additions and adjustments here that seemed helpful. Was great to see so much activity and preparing underway here. Community space opening online. Thanks to all who are gathering there and here, and especially to all those working there and here to make these things easy for everyone else. --MichaelHerman


August 23

G'day to everyone at Bramstrup and elsewhere from Melbourne. I'm looking forward to connecting with you all during OSonOS...VivMcWaters?


Hello there. It's 6.30 pm over here at Bramstrup. Most people have arrived and a lot of hugs have been exchanged. After having a welcomedring and a few words of welcome they are now doing a tour of the facilities. Lots and lots of lovely people!! Although missing you all (a bit:) its so good to meet all these collegues! See You! ThomasHerrmann


August 24 - OSonOS begins


Good morning out there! TOPICS ARE POSTED ON THE WALL. We'll get them to you in a minute. ThomasHerrmann

Good! And this was the first time I was able to "print the wall" ;-) But there are other informations available in the Wall that could be provided in the Wiki and increase the way online "participants" stay connected to the event, namelly for what timeframe each session is scheduled and maybe the convener. -- ArturSilva

Thanks to whoever it was who added the timeslots to the Monday posting of topics. I saw the OSonOSinSwenMark/SecondOpening in the PrograM? and have invited comments about that. Looking forward to those. Personally, I'm fine with waiting until the notes come out to see who is convening and discussing. --MichaelHerman


I've been hanging around much of the day with Artur here online. It's certainly inspired me to try to get to Goa next year. Here's to today and tonight and tomorrow! --TedErnst

August 25

Good Morning! A bright new day in Bramstrup, Danmark. It is Monday morning and the Danes from the hills are going to work again. I'm off to have some breakfast now so I can pick up some of our hotel guests and take them over here on time. Talk to you later... KoosDeHeer

The balloons are up, great coloured circles but dwarfed by the dimensions of this hall & the paper version of the report ready to be read before Thomas opens space. Have a great Monday! GerardMuller

G'day from Alan in Adelaide, wishing you well and looking forward to seeing what emerges. --AlanStewart

2:00am here on Bowen Island. Just added my two cents worth to the stuff going on from yesterday. -- ChrisCorrigan

Great to have so many lovely friends checking in from everywhere. Welcome to all of you. Right now we have had lunch (...) I just sent some pictures to Michael, Chris and Artur, in hope that any of them can help us to get them on this site. That way you could see a bit more how it looks over here. We're so happy you are here both onsite and online! Regards ThomasHerrmann

It is great to be able to check in (and out) and envision the community gathered there and even participate a bit through wiki. I still miss being there. -- LarryPeterson

Just to inform online and onsite participants that it is now prepared the "room" to receive the online session on /OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS. Participants and visitors are welcome... -- ArturSilva

Hello, dears -- LisaHeft here again. There is a fabulous daschund here - I think I mentioned her in an earlier cafe note -- anyway, when Thomas opened today and mentioned Law of 2 Feet she ran right then all around into the circle and we changed it to Law of 4 Feet and then she ran out to play outside...thanks, Ms. Dog, for that reminder... Tonight at closing circle we were serenaded with Swedish songs, Tova from Israel sang us a song, Mikk sang us a song he learned from an old cedar tree...Gabriela Ender taught us how to create the sound of rain in an activity with movement and hand sounds... Jessica offered salsa dance lessons tonight to raise money for the Access Queen fund, Alexander Schilling offered a lesson in capoeira (movement-martial arts-dance from Brazil, which originated out of slave communities there)to raise money for Access Queen fund, Koos is offering massages for the same...Okay that's the full extent of my rambling thoughts for now as I'm sure someone else is wandering into this cafe to sit with a cup of something for a chat with you all. We really feel you out there in the rest of the world - you are very present with us. Warmly, -- LisaHeft

Cheers friends. Right now the OSonOS-disco is going on. Lots of folks have learnt to dance salsa and now they are shaking loose with Bob Marley (I think). We're having such a great time... and todays reports are being printed, which feels great. Lots of online comments on them which is a great feeling. See you ThomasHerrmann

This is great, being there with you and reading the proceedings, chats and seeing the photo's. Trying to catch up with it all. I actually drag my laptop everywhere I go and spend my coffeebreaks reading ans enyoing. See you in Goa! Carla Vliex

Being now midnight in Fyn it's time to set the clock for tomorrow. ArturSilva

August 26

Good Moning from Svenmark !! I slept four hours, so I am totally rested. Bramstrup is slowlily waking up, and the clouds that arrived during the night are once more retreating for a summer sun. The Weather report sunny and warm this morning, louds and rain will come back right after we have closed. GerardMuller

Good Morning Sis! Glad to hear you're there and having such fun. Looks like there is a lot happening. Thanks to Thomas and Koos and Ted for getting the photos up and running here. Helps us see just how that dancing could have unfolded in the big barn. The place looks great. Lots of Open Space! Looking forward to another morning of reports when I wake up tomorrow. --MichaelHerman


Dear online friends. Closing circle is over, we left each a helium-balloon with a thought, up in the air. Now there are many good byes. See U I have to fix a few things, and start packing. Regards ThomasHerrmann

Bravo Thomas and Gerard and the team there! Many thanks. And may the online circle go on and on. See you all in Goa! And then I guess we're on to Halifax in 2005! --MichaelHerman

Thanks to all who made this happen (and continue to happen). I think the online component blossomed in a way that has been unprecedented at previous OSonOS meetings. I have enjoyed it. -- ChrisCorrigan

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