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Opening More Space in the United States of America

...all lands, territories and ships at sea currently under the apparent control of the President.

In the beginning there was the void, the OT, and an olive. When the martini was over, Open Space was born. The Open Space on Open Space, OSLIST, and the Open Space Institute followed. And grew to serve and include the World.

Today, the United States is but one region in an Open Space World. But how well is it served? Are we opening and sharing as much Space as we can be? As we need? Is it time to re-convene and re-focus in an OSonOSinUS? Is there interest in an ongoing conversation focusing on Opening More American Spaces?

What are the Issues and Opportunities for Opening More Space in organizations and communities across the United States? How can we best support ourselves in the work of sharing Open Space with organizations and communities that canít afford to pay? How can we grow essential resources and understanding? This is what we want to find out.

Please join us on the phone, July 14th from 1-3pm Central Time, as we begin this journey together. Details for joining the call will be posted here in a few days.

If the right people are few, we will have a fantastic conversation. If the right people are many, we will dive right into an on-the-phone Opening for a conference that could be convened in Washington DC, Chicago and/or San Francisco later this year. So we start on the phone and see where this new leg of the OST journey will lead us.

Participants: MichaelHerman, DougGermann, JohnEngle, TedErnst, Christy Lee-Engel, Albert Schinazi, SheilaIsakson

Interested but not able to attend: Ralph Copleman, LisaHeft, PeggyHolman, Susan Kerr, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel,

some notes

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