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Websites I like to keep tabs on...these aren't necessarily about Open Space Technology, but they often publish articles or house resources that are of interest to Open Space Technology facilitators.

Co-intellegence Institute http://www.co-intelligence.org/

Fast Company http://www.fastcompany.com/homepage/

What is Enlightenment? Magazine http://www.wie.org/home/default.asp

Plexus Institute http://www.plexusinstitute.com/index2.cfm

Strategy+Business http://www.strategy-business.com/

Dialog on Leadership http://www.dialogonleadership.org/

Edge.og http://www.edge.org/

Wired http://www.wired.com/

HBS Working Knowledge http://hbswk.hbs.edu/index.jhtml

Innovation Journal http://www.innovation.cc/whatsnew.htm

Amy and Arny Mindell http://www.aamindell.net/

Complexity Digest http://www.comdig.org/

Business 2.0 http://www.business2.com

Context http://www.contextmag.com/magazine/setMagazineMain.asp

The Economist http://www.economist.com/

Manyworlds http://www.manyworlds.com/

3M Meeting Network http://www.mmm.com/meetingnetwork/meetthepros/

National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation Resources http://thataway.org/ncdd/resources/resources.htm

Authentic Business http://www.authenticbusiness.co.uk/default.aspx

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