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Anna Wingren
Addiction & Behavioral Consulting
Beroende & Beteende Konsult
Warholms Väg 8 B
S-224 65 Lund / Sweden
phone +46 46 211 48 64

I am a chemical dependency counselor and have worked for 10 years in both in- & outpatient treatment centers in Sweden. I have had counselor training at Hazelden in the US, and speak fluent Swedish, English and Italian and some German. I have wide-ranging international experience working with rehabilitation of chemically dependant people.

Since 1999 I have a company of my own in Lund , Sweden. My objective is to help companies set up Employee Assistance Programs for a drugfree-working place and to involve the employées in responasibility. I give seminars, lectures, guidance and supervision as well as private therapy to employees. In my seminars I use the technic of Open Space.

I also administers the diagnostic test SUDDS (Substance Use Disorder Diagnostic Schedule) by which diagnosis of dependency to alcohol, drugs and pills can be established.

My services are available to all countries in Swedish, English or Italian.

Welcome! --TedErnst


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